10 Magic Eraser tricks to make dirt disappear around the house

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You probably have a box of Magic Erasers sitting unopened among your cleaning supplies. Sure, you knew they were good for cleaning scuff marks off walls, but you may have no idea they could be used in so many other ways. So with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in hand, I went on a cleaning spree around the house — and were blown away by all the things they can be used for!

As a side note, I read that Magic Erasers are easier to use if you cut them into four or five pieces. Not only do you get more bang for your buck, it’s easier to get a grip on them.

A note before you begin: I strongly recommend that you follow the instructions on the packaging and test a small area of the surface you want to clean with light pressure before proceeding to use the Magic Eraser.

10 Ways You Can Use a Magic Eraser

1. Remove Dust And Dirt From Baseboards

These magical little foam sponges are probably known best for removing unsightly scuff marks from your walls. But they are also just as handy when it comes to cleaning your baseboards.

2. Make Your Shoes Appear New

Scuff marks, mud, stains and dirt can all be wiped off shoes with a Magic Eraser. I used a Magic Eraser on the white rubber of my Converse shoes, and it made a huge difference!

Megan Fenno/Simplemost

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3. Remove Deodorant Stains

The worst is when you get dressed and ready to go, then you look down and notice a big white deodorant stain on your new black shirt. Not to worry: A few wipes of a Magic Eraser can fix that in a jiffy!

4. Clean Your Car

The Magic Eraser isn’t recommended for the vehicle body — but with the size, flexibility and ease of the product, you can have your rims sparkling again in no time. (Make sure you test this on a small area first.)

You can also gently use a Magic Eraser to remove marks on fabric, like little shoe prints all over the back of the seats from kids. Or you can use them to remove dirt from your steering wheel or in the nooks and crannies around your cupholders.

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5. Refresh Your Pool for Summer

Mr. Clean could even help to keep your pool looking clear and sparkling all summer. As Facebook user Lisa Pack notes, you can toss a clean sponge into your pool skimmer basket to give the water a quick refresh:

6. Wipe Down Bathroom Mirrors

Not only will using a Magic Eraser on a mirror work wonders, but it will also prevent it from fogging up. Win-win!

7. Remove Sticker Residue

If you have a stubborn label that just won’t come off, a few swipes of a Magic Eraser should do the trick! I recently purchased several plastic storage bins that seemed to have the stickiest labels ever made. A Magic Eraser not only removed the label, but it also took off the sticky residue that is often left behind.

8. Wipe Off Stains On Walls

Megan Fenno/Simplemost

I’ve tried all kinds of products and cleaning tactics to remove handprints and grime on this white ledge we have along our stairwell, but a Magic Eraser solved my dilemma in less than a minute!

9. Polish Tarnished Silver

If your silver is looking less than perfect, use a Magic Eraser to restore that natural shine and sparkle.

10. Remove Scuffs On Leather

You can use a Magic Eraser on everything from scuff marks on leather boots to spots and stains on leather furniture.

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What do you love to clean with Magic Erasers?

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