How To Score Free Stuff On Your Honeymoon


Think of honeymoons as trick or treat for newlyweds. Ask nicely, and you might get something sweet.

All you have to do is mention your honeymoon to these people:

1. Airline Employees

Tell staff at the check-in counter, gate and on the plane like Maryland couple Michelle and Art Saumenig did when they traveled to Hawaii. The airline bumped them to business class, waived their baggage fees and served them complimentary drinks.

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2. Hotel Staff

Call or email your hotel to say you’re looking forward to celebrating your honeymoon there, suggests Keriann Kohler, advertising manager and “unofficial honeymoon expert” at the website A Practical Wedding. After she did this, the staff reserved her a room with a view and provided bubbly and chocolate-covered strawberries.


3. Airbnb Hosts

The same strategy works if you rent a home. After Ohio couple Candice and Drew Rios Wenmoth alerted Airbnb hosts along the route of their newlywed road trip, a few surprised them with cake and wine.

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4. Restaurant Staff

Alana and Scott Van Der Sluys brought up their honeymoon while making restaurant reservations during their trip to Hawaii, and one restaurant sent a bottle of bubbly on the house.

Mentioning your honeymoon to folks won’t always get you free stuff. But, as Alana puts it: “You might as well ask.”

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