How to store cashmere sweaters (and other cashmere things)

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The softness and beauty of cashmere is worth splurging on, especially since — with proper care — a high-quality cashmere sweater can last as long as 10 years or more. However, taking care of cashmere is paramount to extending its life and ensuring you get the most value out of your sweater, scarf or other accessory.

If you don’t store your cashmere properly, the material can easily be damaged, thanks to the delicate nature of the Himalayan goat wool material. Here is how to store cashmere sweaters and other cashmere items so you can continue to enjoy and wear them for as long as possible.

How to Store Cashmere Sweaters


Tip 1: Fold Your Sweaters Rather Than Hanging Them

Folding cashmere sweaters rather than hanging them will help ensure the sweaters maintain their shape. Hanging knit sweaters can cause them to stretch over time, due to gravity pulling the weight of the material down.

Likewise, don’t vacuum-seal your cashmere sweaters. This will also likely damage them by causing them to lose their structure.

Tip 2: Store Cashmere in a Breathable Canvas Box

Cashmere is made from wool from a specific breed of goat hair. Because of this, the ideal way to store cashmere sweaters is in a breathable cotton canvas box, like the Household Essentials two-pack below, to help protect it from dust and pests. Since plastic is not breathable and can trap moisture, storing cashmere in plastic bags or boxes can create an environment where mildew can flourish and damage your garment.

Canvas storage bags

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Tip 3: Protect Your Cashmere Sweaters Against Moths

If clothing moths are a problem where you live, you’ll want to protect your cashmere sweaters from them — and the tiny holes they leave behind in clothing. Cedar and lavender are a natural way to repel these insects away from your cashmere sweaters, and, as a plus, they leave behind a pleasant aroma.

There are multiple ways to incorporate cedar or lavender into your cashmere storage. You can add lavender sachet bags or cedar planks, wood chips, or blocks to the sweater box. The variety pack below from Lavande Sur Terre contains both lavender and cedar for maximum effect.

A woman folds sweaters while surrounded by lavande packs of lavender.

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While cedar and lavender will help repel moths from your cashmere items, they won’t cut down on a moth infestation itself. To help rid your home of these pests, use pheromone moth traps like the ones from MothMag around your home to disrupt the moths’ breeding cycle and reduce their numbers.

moth traps

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Lastly, store your cashmere after cleaning it first according to the garment’s instructions. Moths are attracted to dirty clothing, especially ones stained with oil, sweat, or food, so keeping cashmere clean is another way to dissuade moths from sticking around

Tip 4: Keep Clean Cashmere in a Dry, Cool Place

Keeping your cashmere sweaters in a cool, dry place that’s out of direct sunlight will help protect them from mildew and moisture. This also helps with the moth issue, since the insects thrive in humidity and are more active in warmer temperatures.

How to Store Other Cashmere Items


Scarves and Wraps

If you have any cashmere scarves, wraps, or stoles in your closet, keep in mind that these items must be properly stored, too. Of course, you could always fold them away alongside your sweaters, but if you don’t have any larger cashmere items to warrant a storage box, a cotton bag or pouch is a smaller, less bulky option for packing up a cashmere scarf or wrap.

However, all of the other best practices for storing cashmere still apply. You’ll want to choose a cotton or canvas pouch, like the one below from the Lona Scott Store, and fold the scarf or  wrap instead of hanging it. Add a lavender or cedar sachet to help ward off moths and keep the bag in a cool, dry place.

cashmere storage pouch

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There’s no need to spend a lot of money to safely store your cashmere gloves. A small cotton canvas bag with a drawstring closure, like the ones from Misslow, will do the trick, especially when placed in a cool, dry drawer or on a shelf. Add a cedar block or lavender sachet bag to the inside of the gloves to help deter moths, and make sure the gloves are clean and completely dry before storing.

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Consider storing cashmere socks in a cotton or canvas organizer, like this 30-pair organizer from Murri&Murrdi (you get two). When made of breathable linen fabric, a sock organizer can prevent moisture and mildew from building up, while a lid will protect against dust and moths. Just make sure to store your socks after gently washing and air-drying them.

sock organizer

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With your cashmere sweaters and other accessories safely stored, you can look forward to enjoying them for many years to come.

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