How a collapsible waste bin can keep your kitchen tidier


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Do you use a dump bowl for food scraps as you cook? That time-saving trick of pro chefs, made famous by Rachael Ray, is a big help when you’re trying to get a meal together quickly. Rather than running back and forth to the trash bin, just toss all the scallion ends, egg shells, carrot peels, onion skins and the rest in a bowl. When you’re all done, dump the whole thing out in one go. The only downside is that the bowl can take up precious counter space, and for people with small kitchens, that space is especially precious.

But there are also products available for the tiny kitchen crowd that solves this issue: a collapsible bin that you can attach to the side of your counter to catch food scraps as you work. These bins usually have an attachment allows you to suspend it on the side of your workstation. When you’re done filling it with trash, detach it from the counter and empty it in your garbage bin. Some options come with trash bin liners, and all are easy to clean.

BanYakong Hanging Folding Garbage Bin


If you only need one collapsible bin, consider this one that’s made of silicone and has about a 1-gallon capacity. (Its dimensions are 6.33 by 5.11 by 8.07 inches.) The hanger lets you attach to a cabinet door or drawer and is generally well-reviewed on Amazon.

Buy the BanYakong Hanging Folding Garbage Bin at Amazon for $10.79 (was $11.99).

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Gintan Collapsible Hanging Trash Can


If you’re looking for a bigger model with a lid, try the Gintan Collapsible Hanging Trash can, which is 10 by 7 by 11.5 inches and has a capacity of 2.4 gallons. This one also has a trash bag drawer. It has an average of 4.2 stars out of 1,250 ratings.

Buy the Gintan Collapsible Hanging Trash Can at Amazon for $16.96 (was $24.97).

Lightsmax Gallons Plastic Open Waste Basket


This understated option from Wayfair also holds a significant amount of trash. At 11.2 by 5.7 by 9.9 inches, it has a 2.3-gallon capacity and folds up neatly when not in use. Wayfair sells compatible trash bags and liners, so you can buy all you need at once.

Buy the Lightsmax Plastic Open Waste Basket at Wayfair for $18.84.

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Huntermoon Hanging Trash Can


If all these options are leaving you bored, you might need to head to Walmart for a folding hanging bin with a cartoon pig on the front. This whimsical bin comes in pink, blue or yellow, and when you pull down the lid, the pig’s wearing a pirate patch (yes, a pirate pig!). It’s also a little smaller than the others at 7.6 by 5.5 by 6.7 inches.

Buy the Huntermoon Hanging Trash Can at Walmart for $14.09 (was $16.38).

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