Honda Is Recalling 94,000 Vehicles, Including Acuras, For A Timing Belt Issue

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Attention, Honda and Acura drivers. Your vehicle may be one of the thousands of cars that Honda is recalling due to safety concerns.

Consumer Reports confirmed that Honda is recalling 2018-2019 Honda Pilot and Acura MDX vehicles, as well as the following 2019 Honda and Acura vehicles: Honda Odyssey, Honda Ridgeline, Acura TLX, Acura RLX and RLX Hybrid. All told, nearly 100,000 cars are included in this recall.

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The reason for this recall is a timing belt problem. The timing belt is a flat-toothed belt that helps control the camshafts in your engine, and in some cars, a timing belt failure can cause major damage to the vehicle’s engine.

Due to a manufacturing error, the timing belts on the recalled vehicles are at risk of losing their teeth, which could result in damage to the car’s engine. Honda is asking anyone who drives the affected models to bring their car to a nearby dealership for a free inspection.

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If needed, Honda will replace the timing belt free of charge. Replacing a broken belt can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000, depending on the timing belt’s condition and the extent of the damage. So, you’ll definitely want to get your vehicle checked and let Honda fix it if there’s a problem.

Along with doing damage to your engine, a faulty or worn-out timing belt could also pose a safety risk.

“You don’t want to be driving 75 miles per hour on the highway if it broke,” automotive expert Carl Roberson explains to Angie’s List. “It’s definitely a safety issue.”

The good news is that no accidents or injuries have been reported due to the timing belt manufacturing issue.

Check Honda’s recall page to see if your car is on the recall list; the recall code is L4M. At Acura’s recall page,  use recall code Z4L.

You can also call Honda customer service at 888-234-2138 to speak to a Honda representative and learn more.

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