Hobby Lobby is getting rid of its 40% off coupons

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Hobby Lobby shoppers know how to save some money. Over the years, we’ve highlighted the craft retailer’s big sales and its ever-popular promotional discounts, including the 40% off coupon that shoppers always look forward to.

Unfortunately, the days of that coveted coupon are coming to an end, according to a statement from Hobby Lobby. This news has fans of the chain practically in mourning over the pending loss.

The company announced on Facebook that it would stop issuing the 40% off coupons as of Feb. 28.

Oddly, the news of the 40% off coupon program ending was confirmed within a Facebook comment on Hobby Lobby’s Facebook page, which had excitedly just announced the arrival of the latest 40% off coupon.

Within the post, though, customers started discussing the rumors they’d heard about the coupon’s imminent demise. After a lengthy discussion, the company’s comments on the Facebook page ended all the speculation.

“As of February 28th, 2021, Hobby Lobby will no longer be offering the 40% off coupon in stores or online,” the comment read. “By making this decision, we are intensifying our efforts to discount thousands of items every day. This will offer a better value instead of providing a discount on only one item with the coupon.”

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In other words, it sounds like Hobby Lobby wants to focus on lowering prices on products across its inventory to help boost sales all year long instead of relying on coupons to bring in customers within a limited window of time.

Unfortunately for Hobby Lobby, its shoppers have apparently grown attached to the 40% off promo and haven’t hesitated in sharing their disappointment in the craft store’s decision to discontinue the program.

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“Hobby Lobby, that’s dumb,” wrote Facebook user Tierny Taylor. “So if the thing I want to buy isn’t on sale, I’ll just have to wait? Y’all only let us use one coupon anyway, so now we get zero?”

Taylor’s comment brought up an issue many Hobby Lobby customers have complained about over the years: how limited the 40% off coupon is for shoppers. When you look at the fine print, the coupon can only be used on a regular-priced item and only certain items.

It’s one reason why Hobby Lobby is making a gamble that canceling the 40% off coupon is a good idea.

Hobby Lobby

“It is always our intent to provide you with beyond-compare service, great prices and the best selection,” Hobby Lobby posted on Facebook. “We appreciate your understanding during this period of transition and thank you for your continued business.”

For now, the latest 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon is valid through Jan. 30. If the company plans to release another one for February, it will likely expire on the final day of the month, when the program is slated to end for good.

However, according to The Krazy Koupon Lady, Hobby Lobby usually allows a two-week grace period for customers to use the most recent coupon. So, it may be possible to use the last 40% off coupon through March 14. If you need any new decor, this might be the time to strike!

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