Here’s A Clever Solution If You’re Sick Of Spending Money On Swiffer Pads

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Using a Swiffer is an easy way to keep your floors clean without too much effort, but having to replace those pads frequently can really add up.

Refills range from $4 for a 16-count package to $13 for a 64-count of refills, and if you’re someone who mops your floor daily, you might find that you’re spending much more on these refills than you had intended. Swiffer pads are convenient, but they sure don’t come cheap.

However, instead of throwing your Swiffer in the dumpster and bringing out your old mop from the closet, there’s another easy—and more cost-effective—solution you can use instead: As Clark.com pointed out, you can make your own DIY Swiffer pads using items you can find at the dollar store.

All you need to do is purchase Handy Shammy Cloths, the “fake” version of ShamWow, absorbent towels used for cleaning.

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To make your make-shift Swiffer pads, you first have to cut the Handy Shammy Cloths to fit the Swiffer. You can use an old Swiffer pad to help you measure your Handy Shammy Cloths to get them to the proper size. Cut the cloths a little larger in case they end up shrinking in the wash and to leave room on the sides to help pick up all that gunk on the floor, such as in harder-to-reach corners.

Then just attach the cloth to your Swiffer, and use it as either a dry cloth or a wet cloth. The dry cloth will help you get up all that dust and dirt, like the regular Swiffer dry cloths. To make it a wet pad, apply your own cleaning solution to the cloth or apply it directly to the floor, and start Swiffering as you normally would.

Not only are these Swiffer pads cheaper than buying the real deal, but they are even reusable, as the Handy Shammy Cloths are washable. Check out the YouTube video below for more details on how you can save money on your Swiffer pads by making your own at home.

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