These are the most in-demand jobs for 2018

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If you’re looking for a new job this year, there are certain positions that employers are having a hard time filling, meaning you’ve got a better chance of actually landing the job.

Job posting website CareerCast analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts, trade and professional association data, graduation rates and their own database of job listings to determine which jobs are in highest demand right now.

The jobs span a variety of industries, although jobs in the growing healthcare field are especially plentiful.

Here are 10 of the toughest jobs to fill in 2018, based on CareerCast’s analysis. If you’re considering a total career change and you’re willing to learn some new skills or even go back to school, you might want to consider one of the jobs in this list.

Note that the salaries listed are the median salaries for the position—they likely vary greatly, depending on where you live, how much experience you have and what type of company you work for.

1. Application Software Developer

Median Salary: $100,800

Projected Growth: 31 percent

These days, it seems like there’s an app for everything. Application software developers are the ones who create the applications like games and word processing programs that you use on your phone, computer or tablet. Don’t know how to code? No problem. There are coding schools all over the place, including this one that will actually pay you to attend.

2. Construction Laborer

Median Salary: $33,430

Projected Growth: 12 percent

If you like working with your hands, construction laborers that build the homes and businesses where we work and live are currently in demand. Of course, the median salary takes into account jobs all over the country. Interested in digging a bit deeper? This list explores how much construction workers get paid in every state.

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3. Financial Advisor

Median Salary: $90,530

Projected Growth: 15 percent

Financial advisors help people achieve their financial goals and provide guidance on how much to save, how to invest and on matters related to estate and tax planning.

4. Home Health Aide

Median Salary: $22,600

Projected Growth: 47 percent

As the population ages, home health aides that can administer medications, change bandages, check vital signs and help patients with personal activities like bathing and grooming, are increasingly in demand.

5. Information Security Analyst

Median Salary: $92,600

Projected Growth: 28 percent

Information security analysts prevent hackers from stealing critical information and help to protects companies’ and organizations’ computer networks and systems. And with last year’s massive Equifax breach, we all know how important it is to protect against hackers and scammers.

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6. Medical Services Manager

Median Salary: $96,540

Projected Growth: 20 percent

Medical services managers work on the administrative side of health care. They plan, direct and coordinate medical and health services for an entire facility, a specific clinical area or department or medical practice for a group of physicians.

7. Nurse Practitioner

Median Salary: $107,460

Projected Growth: 31 percent

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with additional education who can perform physical exams, order and analyze lab tests, prescribe medication, authorize treatments and educate patients and families on treatment options. If this is a career you’re interested in, you’ll need to go back to school, depending on your background.

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8. Personal Care Aide

Median Salary: $21,920

Projected Growth: 39 percent

Similar to home health aides, personal care aides offer assistance to elderly, ill or disabled individuals in their homes or at a care facility. However, they do not provide medical care, but rather, help with everyday tasks such as housekeeping and preparing meals. If you’re looking for a part-time job or a side gig to supplement your income, consider becoming a “senior concierge,” which is a similar position.

9. Physical Therapist

Median Salary: $84,020

Projected Growth: 34 percent

Those who have been injured or suffer from disabling conditions utilize physical therapists to improve their mobility and function and relieve pain. This another career path that will require some additional schooling.

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10. Truck Driver

Median Salary: $41,340

Projected Growth: 6 percent

If life on the open road appeals to you, truck drivers have the opportunity to travel the country while delivering items for a variety of industries. You’ll need to get a special driver’s license before you can start working at this job.

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