6 Greeting Card Companies That’ll Pay You To Write For Them

Oatmeal Studios

Greeting cards are a $7.5 billion dollar business. That is a lot of moolah being spent on cards. And here is something you might not know: Some of that money could be yours.

Yep, you can easily make out like a bandit by coming up with greeting card ideas. Whether it is a heartwarming poem or a naughty pun, greeting card companies will pay people to send them their original ideas.

How does it work?

Well, the requirements vary from company to company, but essentially you simply need to submit your original greeting card idea and then wait to hear back. If accepted, you could make anywhere from $50-$300 per idea. Plus, how cool would it be to see one of your ideas in print?

And, if you aren’t a writer, don’t worry. Greeting card companies are also on the look-out for photographs and pictures, whether it is a snap you took or something you drew or painted.

Here are some places you can submit ideas:

1. Smart Alex

This company prefers adult humor and will pay $100 for accepted submissions.

Smart Alex

2. Planet Zoo

This one’s technically looking for photos, not words. Did you recently get a excellent photo of a bird soaring through the sky or a deer wandering through your backyard? Planet Zoo will accept submissions of images (but the animals must be in their natural habitat, i.e. no caged animals or zoo photos).

3. Oatmeal Studios

Oatmeal Studios accepts submissions from writers as well as artists. They are looking for humorous writing, but nothing cruel. As they say: “We reject the following: PUNS, GROSS IDEAS, MEAN IDEAS, LENGTHY POETRY or PROSE, NARROWLY FOCUSED IDEAS. (ie: new baby for quintuplets).”

Oatmeal Studios

4. SNAFU Designs

SNAFU Designs is another company that is open to submissions. They pay $100 per accepted idea.

INSIDE: Now I get to share all that with you! Happy Valentine’s Day

5. Blue Mountain Arts

The company you associate with touching words and pastel visuals pays $300 for accepted poems for use on their greeting cards and other products. The company also publishes books with titles such as “Healing Is A Journey” and “You Are A Girl Who Can Do Anything,” and they pay $50 for poems accepted for one-time use in print.

6. Ephemera

Prefer to keep things short and simple? You can also submit “slogans” to a company such as Ephemera. They pay $50 per accepted slogan, and they encourage applicants to be as “as weird, twisted or rude as you like.”


Who knew you could make money just sitting at home and brainstorming funny ideas? Pretty sweet, huh?

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