Give your car a good scrub with these microfiber mitts for only $7.49

Last month my husband and I took a cross-country road trip, resulting in my poor Jeep looking like a bug graveyard.

Speaking of dirty cars, Amazon has these handy microfiber mitts on sale right now. For only $7.49 you get 2 extra large mitts.

They’re listed at $9.99 (usually retailing for $19.99), but use code 3W2LX39V to knock the price down to $7.49 (before tax). Plus, they’re eligible for Amazon Prime!


Not a wash-your-own-car kind of bloke? (That’s okay, me neither honestly.) You can use these mitts all over the house; they’re great for dusting, harassing the cat (kidding), etc. But I think the best feature is the fact that they’re washable, meaning you can use them over and over again (practical and economical – you’re welcome, Earth).

If all else fails, you can just use them as part of your Cookie Monster costume.

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