Gildan short sleeve T-shirts perfect for crafting are on sale for $2 at Michaels (regularly up to $5.99)

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If you love creating your own T-shirts or have a special event coming up that custom shirts would definitely make better, you might want to plan a trip to Michaels, where you’ll find Gildan craft T-shirts — which regularly cost up to $5.99 — on sale for $2.

The T-shirts on sale include women’s v-neck, adult (which works for both men and women) and youth. All are available in at least a dozen colors, with youth giving you a whopping 32 choices. While the women’s v-neck shirts were $5.99, men’s and youth are regularly $3.99.

The deal is good both in-store and online. You will have to pay shipping if ordering online, so your best bet is to pick your shirts up at your local Michaels if they’re in stock there.


If you’ll be buying some shirts but aren’t sure exactly what to do with them, fear not. There are dozens of ways to use them! From sports teams to birthday parties, family reunions and more, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll find some reason to create a custom shirt.

Probably the most complicated way to make a custom shirt — but also the method that will yield the best results — is to iron on a vinyl decal. This tutorial from Moms Without Answers has step-by-step instructions for how to achieve a pretty professional-looking shirt. All you’ll need is a roll of vinyl, scissors or an X-acto Knife, a stencil or design of your choice and an iron.

If your kids will be designing the shirts, however, it would be safest to stay away from irons and knives and instead opt for something like tie-dye or painting. This tutorial from Kinzie Sue Designs & Kreations will show you how easy it is to paint a T-shirt. Or you could order this T-shirt painting kit from Amazon, which has everything you’d need for a super neat, custom shirt.

Kinzie Sue Designs & Kreations

Will you be buying some crafting T-shirts from Michaels and creating some custom designs?

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