19 gifts for people who love sleep more than life itself

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We all enjoy a solid night’s sleep, but you may know someone who really treasures their ZZZs. Perhaps it’s your college kid, who schedules all his classes for after 11 am, or a friend who always leaves the party by midnight so she can get her “beauty sleep.”

If you need to buy a gift for this person, here are some sleep-themed gifts that might just hit the spot. And if you are this person, read on for some ideas to put on your wish list.

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1. Ostrich Pillow

Ostrichpillow Bed Pillow

$120 at Amazon

Nine hours of sleep might sound like bliss, but it will be less so if you’re straining your head or neck at an unhealthy angle. This Ostrich pillow has an ergonomic shape that will cradle your head correctly, whether you’re a side, back or stomach sleeper. Plus, with a memory foam design, it absorbs pressure during sleep for a better muscle relaxation.

2. Total Body Pillow

Momcozy Pregnancy Pillows for Sleeping

$38 (was $65) at Amazon

A total body pillow isn’t just for those who are pregnant. This cozy staple can be used to get comfy on a couch while you read (and eventually fall asleep) or as a pillow for both resting your head and snuggling at night. With a flexible design, it can be adjusted to any position, and don’t you just want to be wrapped up in a pillow?

3. Sleep Tracker

fitbit and phone, and man wearing fitbit

$98 at Amazon

If someone is really committed to quality sleep, why not track it? With a FitBit Luxe, you can monitor your heart rate and sleep patterns. Over time, after a pattern has been established, you’ll receive a Sleep Score from the brand to let you know just how well you’re resting, and based on the information, you can find ways to get better quality sleep. 

4. Knee Pillow

cloud air pillow

$30 at Walmart

You can love to sleep and still deal with hip and leg pain. For those that do, a knee pillow could be the answer. With an ergonomic design, this Cloud Air pillow keeps your spine aligned, reduces pressure on the sciatica and it won’t go flat no matter how often you sleep with it.

5. Sunrise Alarm Clock

Hatch Restore 2

$200 at Amazon

If you must wake up, let it be gently! This alarm clock awakens you with one of seven soothing sounds (like wind chimes or sea waves) and gradually increases in light — like the sun.

The Hatch gradually increases from 10% brightness to 100% over a span of 30 minutes, though you can set the timespan to 20 minutes or 10 minutes if you prefer.

6. Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

aromatherapy diffuser lit up and with child

$26 at Amazon

Set the mood for sleeping with this all-in-one humidifier. Not only does it add moisture to your living space, but it also has an essential oil diffuser that releases a soothing fragrance as you drift off. Plus, the color-changing mood light can be used as a nightlight or lamp.

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7. Portable LED Night Light

flashlight nightlight

$16 (was $20) at Amazon

You may think you already own the best night light, and maybe you do. But this rechargeable night light doesn’t need to be plugged into a socket, and it doubles as a flashlight when you need to get up in the middle of the night. You’ll never have to wake up anybody else in the house with your light flickering again.

8. The Clapper Original Home Automation

The Clapper

$27 at Amazon

If you have smart lighting, you can tell Siri or Google Assistant to turn off the lamp when you’re ready to sleep. But if you don’t, the Clapper is the next best option.

As your book falls from your hands and your head falls into your pillow, there’s no need to get up and switch off the light. Simply clap it off with this clapping sound activator, which plugs into a standard light socket.

9. Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock

Clocky alarm clock

$36 (was $40) at Amazon

Those who prize sleep have a love-hate relationship with the alarm clock. You know you should obey its sound and get up, but the temptation to lean over and hit the snooze button can be overwhelming.

This alarm clock prevents that problem, because it wheels away and hides from you until you get out of bed and manually turn it off. Genius.

10. The Essential Dream Journal

dream journal

$11 at Amazon

One of the great joys of sleep is trying to analyze those crazy dreams you have while you’re doing it. This book will give you tips on how to prepare yourself for remembering dreams and help you interpret some of the images and symbols that pop up. Then you’ll record them in this journal so that you won’t forget them.

11. Fuzzy Faux-Fur Slippers

sockslipper in three colors

$8 at Target

Sleep is harder when your feet are cold. Warm them up with these cozy, furry slippers, which will help you to relax and get comfortable. These slippers from Target come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you’re bound to find a pair that matches your sparkling personality.

12. Namast’ay in Bed Shirt

namastay in bed shirt

$22 at Walmart

Make yourself comfortable for your next snooze. This sleeping T-shirt has a wide boat neck and a super-soft fabric blend (50% polyester, 25% ring-spun combed cotton and 25% rayon) that feels good against your skin. Of course, you could also wear it to your next yoga class if you’d like to spark a few laughs.

13. Wax Oils Aromatherapy Candles

wax oils candle

$13 at Amazon

These candles, which come in many scents and colors, have been reported to calm anxiety and induce sleep. Each candle has a scent that is relaxing and meditating, perhaps getting you to sleep that much quicker. Lavender in particular is known for its sedating properties.

14. Memory Foam Sleeping Pad

memory foam sleeping pad

$125 (was $150) at Walmart

Going camping, or somewhere where you know you’ll have to sleep on the floor? Do so without giving up comfort. This portable mattress rolls up easily, has a removable cover and can also be used as a yoga mat. This 2.5-inch memory pad comes in Twin, Twin XL, and Kids’ sizes.

15. Color Before Sleep Adult Coloring Book

coloring book front and back

$8 at Amazon

Too stressed and can’t sleep? That’s a sleep lover’s worst nightmare!

This coloring book is a relaxing activity to help soothe that temporary insomnia while also creating beautiful art. Its designs are based on famous, calming quotes that can set your mind at ease as you color.

16. Motion Activated Under Bed Light


$18 (was $21) at Amazon

If you share a bed with someone who’s on a different sleep schedule, you know how frustrating it can be when they turn the light on while you’re trying to get some shut-eye. Enter this motion-sensor, under-the-bed light. It will give off a soft glow to light your partner’s way, but without the harsh interruption of a sudden overhead glare.

17. Side Sleeping Pillow

ergonomic pillow

$180 (was $200) at Amazon

If you sleep on your side, you might be lying directly on a nerve in your arm, and that can lead to shoulder pain. This pillow has built-in holes for your arm that relieve pressure. When you slip your arm into the slot, you’ll get 360 degrees of motion even if you’re on your side.

18. Calming Pillow Mist

osea pillow mist spray

$38 at ULTA

Whether it’s loud neighbors, work deadlines or that last cup of coffee, sometimes it feels like the whole world is conspiring to keep you awake. Why not fight back with something that’s meant to help you sleep?

This pillow mist creates a soothing sensation as you take in the scents of lavender, chamomile, juniper berry, lemon tea tree and Moroccan rosemary. All have been found to have a calming effect, which is just what you need when your head hits the pillow.

19. Sleep-Friendly Headphones

Perytong Sleep Headphones Wireless

$20 at Amazon

If you’re constantly waking up and frantically looking for your AirPods, these sleep-friendly headphones are perfect. Not only do they stay safely in place while you sleep, but if you love listening to music, a podcast, or ASMR before bed, you’ll be able to do so comfortably.


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