How You Can Score The Sourdough King Sandwich At Burger King For A Penny

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If you don’t already have the Burger King app on your phone, now’s the time to download it. Customers who have never used the app can now take advantage of some major savings considering Burger King is practically giving away its Sourdough King sandwich. They’re available for just a penny.

According to Clark Deals, once you’ve downloaded the app and signed in, you’ll see a “Single Sourdough for 1 Cent” offer under the “Coupons” tab that will allow you to place an order and receive this sandwich for a penny.

The Single Sourdough King Sandwich features the classic flame-grilled beef patty you know and love from the fast-food joint and tops it off with American cheese, thick bacon, onion slices and a creamy signature sauce, all wedged between two slices of thick sourdough bread.

Burger King

The offer is valid through Feb. 22, so you’ve still got a few days to take advantage of this deal.

For all those who have ordered through the BK app before, you still have a chance to get the Single Sourdough King for just a penny. The restaurant is offering all those who come across the King while swiping through Tinder the chance to get the sandwich for a penny, too.

Burger King teased the promo on Twitter, announcing that if you see their mascot, “you’ll receive a little more than just ‘hey'”:

Because nothing says true love quite like a burger for just a penny, after all. You can take advantage of this Tinder match through Feb. 24.

These aren’t the only deals going on at Burger King at the moment, either. According to the Burger King website, you can mix and match a Crispy Chicken Sandwich, a Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich, a Whopper or Crispy Chicken Tenders and get two for just $6 now.

Find even more offers where this came from in the Burger King app or under the “Offers” tab on the Burger King website.

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