These part-time jobs let you get paid to rep brands you already love

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What if you could make money simply by helping get others into brands and products that you likely already love? Iconic companies like Oakley, New Balance and Fender are looking for part-time workers called brand ambassadors who will help keep their products front and center in the minds of consumers.

The jobs are available through a third-party company called ThirdChannel, which describes itself as a “retail intelligence network,” helping retail companies grow their brands. According to the company’s website, it’s a “platform that the world’s leading manufacturing brands and retailers use to see what’s happening — or should be happening — with products on the ground in thousands of stores and generates action plans to drive higher sales.”

For you and I, that means the opportunity to get paid for being passionate about things like sneakers and sunglasses.

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Currently, ThirdChannel has a variety of opportunities posted online to work with 11 brands that include Costa Del MarLuxottica and Oakley eyewear, New Balance footwear, Fender guitars, 4Moms baby gear, Speedo swimwear, Owlet infant monitors and Logic electronic cigarettes, as well as RenewLife and Vega nutrition supplements.

Depending on the brand, you can make anywhere from $15 to $20 per hour, in addition to getting discounts on products and paid-for travel.

So what’s a typical brand ambassador gig like? If you were to work in the New Balance program your duties would include things like working 16 to 19 hours a week in local stores to help educate sales associates on the company’s newest shoes, along with educating customers to help boost sales.

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If you were to work with Oakley, duties are similar, requiring you to, “become an expert on Oakley’s Brand, products, and visual merchandising to help optimize in-store product displays in order to generate sales,” according to the job description.

Still confused about these jobs? ThirdChannel takes care of providing the training tools and materials, along with coaching and supervision, so you aren’t just getting thrown to the wolves. The company also lets you set your own hours and days, keeping it in line with other popular side gigs.

Cool products, a fun job that gives you the chance to talk about stuff you care about while getting paid? Sign me up!

Take a look at all the open positions and apply at ThirdChannel’s website.

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