Get paid $2,400 to watch 24 hours of true crime TV

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Are you a fan of true crime? I mean, really a fan, as in, can you easily fall asleep to documentaries about serial killers without having nightmares?

If your answer is yes, MagellanTV has an opportunity you won’t want to pass up. The company is paying someone $2,400 ($100 an hour!) to binge watch 24 hours of true crime shows and document their experience.

You only have 48 hours to watch all 24 hours of TV, so you’ll need to set aside an entire day with no sleep or view around 12 hours of shows each day for two days. Two winners will be chosen and each will receive $2,400 cash (if you complete the job requirements) and a one-year free membership to MagellanTV.


To apply, just head to MagellanTV’s website and fill out the form. To qualify, you must be at least 18 years old and you have to be active on social media. While not required, a video explaining why you’re perfect for the job is a bonus.

You’ll also have to explain why you love true crime shows and answer questions about how often you watch true crime and why, plus the other television genres you enjoy. You do not have to be a MagellanTV customer to be chosen. You have until May 5 to apply.


Since you’ll obviously be into true crime if you apply, there is a chance you may have already seen some of the programs you’ll be required to watch. But, as any true crime addict knows, they’re worth watching again!

Here’s the full list of the shows and documentaries you’ll be watching if you’re chosen:

Will you be applying for this true crime fan dream job?

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