19 gifts that will help a messy person get more organized

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Not everyone can be neat and organized. In fact, some people are downright messy. That’s fine, but when it comes to sticking to a schedule, keeping up with important documents, and finding that missing product they really need, your messy loved ones might need some help.

Thankfully, there’s a way you can be of assistance. While going up to your friend or loved one and telling them — point blank — that they’re a mess is probably not a tactful solution, getting them a gift that will help a messy person get more organized is. If you’ve got a messy loved one (or you are the messy person), these items can help.

1. Bloom Magnetic Planning Pad

meal planner pad on refrigerator

$12.95 at Amazon

This Bloom Weekly Magnetic Meal Planning Pad will stick to your fridge so that it stays in your sight. With 60 sheets per pad, it’ll last you over a year. The right side is perforated so you can keep track of what you need to buy, then tear off the sheet and take it to the store with you. The left side has space for you to plan out every meal for the entire week. If you’re wanting to plan your meals, this is a great tool.

2. Tile Bluetooth Tracking Tag

$38 for a 2-pack (was $48) at Amazon

The Tile Bluetooth tracker comes in different shapes and sizes for different uses. The Tile Slim fits well in wallets and makes a great luggage tag. It’s water resistant, has a three-year battery, and works with both Android phones and iPhones with a 250-foot range. If you’re prone to losing things, this will help you find them quickly.

3. Range Kleen 82-Battery Organizer

battery organizer in drawer

$15 at Amazon

This brilliantly simple battery organizer holds up to 82 batteries and includes a battery tester. You can mount it to a wall or put it in a drawer and keep all your batteries organized and ready to go. Store all your AAA batteries and AA batteries along with a few 9V batteries, C batteries, and D batteries. It also has a compartment specially for button batteries.

4. “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” Book

the life-changing magic of tidying up marie kondo book

$10 at Amazon

The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing is the perfect type of passive-aggressive gift you can get for that messy person you know. Marie Kondo’s book became a phenomenon and inspired a Netflix series, influencing an entire generation of people to embrace minimalism. Spark your own joy by grabbing a copy for yourself or someone else.

5. Mind Reader Tea Bag Organizer

mind reader tea bag organizer

$17 (was $20) at Amazon

This tea organizer is perfect for your kitchen counter or inside a pantry. It features an open design and nine removable drawers so you can organize your tea however you like. You also get removable rubber feet for stability and two additional bottom drawers to hold sweeteners, cream, stirrers and more.

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6. SooPii 6-Port USB Charging Station

charging station with devices

$37 (was $44) at Amazon

Charging all of your devices in one place means you don’t have to keep track of them all separately. This fast multi-device charging station lets you get rid of cluttery cables and is clean and organized with a light-blue LED light. You can keep it anywhere, from your office to your bedroom.

7. Lille Home Stackable Lunch Box

lille home stackable lunch box

$30 (was $40) at Amazon

The easy-to-clean Lille Home Stackable lunch box is made of stainless steel and has three tiers of different sizes for either hot or cold food. It won’t leak or spill and includes cutlery. It’ll keep your entire meal insulated, contained and neatly stacked before and after you’ve eaten your lunch on the go.

8. OXO Foldaway Dish Rack

oxo foldaway dish rack

$39 (was $45) at Amazon

This foldaway dish rack from OXO features a pop-up plate rack, utensil holders, tines for mugs and wine glasses, and fold-out legs. The walls, legs, and drain spout fold in so that once your dishes are done drying, you can keep your counter clean by simply storing the newly compact dish rack in a cabinet or on a shelf.

9. Mini Owls Toy Hammock

toy hammock

$14 (was $17) at Amazon

If you have kids who are known to leave their toys all around the house, this storage hammock is a simple solution for a cluttered floor. Install the hammock low enough for them to reach it and they can get and put away toys all by themselves. It comes in different colors and sizes for your convenience.

10. Organize It All Closet Doubler Clothing Rack

organize it all clothes hanger doubler

$13 at Amazon

If you need more space in your closet to hold clothes, this metal clothing rack is a great solution. Simply hang it from your existing clothing rod to maximize your space without any fuss. It’s great for organizing a closet and maximizing space, but it’s also low enough for small children to reach their items all by themselves.

11. YekouMax Fridge Drawer Organizers

fridge with drawer organizers

$34 (2-pack) at Amazon

These sturdy, easy-to-install under-shelf organizers instantly add extra storage to your fridge, using up wasted space. Their transparency allows you to see exactly what is in which drawer. They’ll make sure your food items remain separate, too, and keep odors at bay.

12. Bestier LED Kitchen Floating Shelves

shelf organizer mounted in kitchen

$130 (was $160) at Amazon

If you need more storage and have a lot of wasted wall space, install this lighted display shelf with an industrial look and glass shelves. You can use it in your kitchen to hold coffee or wine without taking up any additional counter space, or put it elsewhere to showcase collectibles. The glass shelves and wooden side panels adjust so you can customize them however you like.

13. Cooler Kitchen Rotating Utensil Holder

utensil holder on kitchen counter

$25 at Amazon

Never wonder where your kitchen utensils went again with this unique rotating holder. It’s made of steel and has a rotating bottom so you can easily find whatever you’re looking for. There are three compartments and rubberized feet, so it won’t scratch your countertop. This large-capacity item can hold up to 20 tools and it’s dishwasher safe as well.

14. Honey-Can-Do Boot Rack

A boot stand with boots inserted into the slots.

$25 (was $30) at Amazon

Everybody is familiar with shoe rack organizers, but the slots that your shoes are supposed to go in are usually too small for boots. If you’re like me and own several pairs of boots, this boot organizer will be perfect. It keeps six pairs or short or tall boots properly stored and shaped. They stay off the floor, too.

15. DecoBros Pot Lid Rack

pot lid rack

$16 at Amazon

When organizing your pots and pans in the kitchen, people usually tend to forget about the lids, and just stack them the best they can. This pot and pan organizer solves that problem and takes up no extra space in your cabinets. Screws and anchors are included so you can easily mount them on a wall or inside a door.

16. Amazon Basics Hanging File Folders

hanging file folders next to a desk

$12 at Amazon

If you know you have a lot on your plate for a certain week, break down your tasks with the help of this cascading binder from Amazon Basics. It hangs on the wall next to your desk or from the side of a bookshelf and comes with removable pockets in six different colors, so you can use a different one for each workday.

17. iDesign Axis Metal Loop Hanger

iDesign closet loop hanger

$9 at Amazon

After you’ve organized all of your clothes, don’t forget about the accessories! This handy closet hanger can be used to hang up your ties, scarfs, belts, and more. It’s made of steel with a chrome finish, so it’s durable. It’s also quite compact and can increase your closet space effortlessly.

18. Erin Condren Clever Girl Finance Planner

erin condren clever girl finance planner

$32.50 at Erin Condren

Know a mom who could use a personal secretary? If she’s dealing with family finances, she may need to get organized. The Erin Condren Clever Girl Finance Budget Planner allows you to look at the big picture, daily expenses, and everything in between. Track investments, set savings goals, strategize to pay off debt, and keep your entire year well-budgeted.

19. Milky House Microfiber Mop Slippers

mopping shoes

$16 at Amazon

Kill two birds with one stone by wearing these slippers while you walk around your kitchen. It’s definitely the easiest way to clean the floor. You get five colorful, machine-washable pairs in one set, which means you can recruit every member of the family to do your dirty work in a fun way. Clip a coupon on the product page for the best deal!

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