You Can Get 3 of this Holiday String Light Bundle for the Price of 1!

Nothing is worse than trying to untangle all your Christmas lights each and every holiday season. You get them out once a year and spend more time pulling out the knots, then you do actually hanging them up.


So why not get a set of holiday lights that can stay up around your house all year-long? These LED Crystal Ball Lights are perfect for decorating the christmas tree or hanging up on your porch! Right now they are over 60% off on Amazon for just $9.99.

[21ft 30 Led] Globe Solar Lights White / Crystal Ball String Light, 8 Mode (Steady, Flash), Waterproof, Outdoor Hanging Lighting Decoration for Patio, Garden, Porch, Fence, Christmas Tree, Yard, Party

These lights come in a 21 ft, 30 bulb set and are normally $29.99. Which means that with this deal you can get 3 bundles for the price of one!

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