How to get a free Febreze Plug-In

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Do you use plug-in air fresheners? With spring cleaning mode in high gear, finding great deals on these helpful little gadgets can keep that fresh scent going long after you’ve finished scrubbing. Just pick your favorite scent, attach it and plug it into the wall for about 30-days of lovely aromas.

If you’ve been waiting to give them a try, now is the perfect time, because Walmart has an amazing deal going on where customers can get a free Febreze Plug-In.


This offer from Procter & Gamble, the maker of Febreze, and Walmart is valid through May 14. There are a few steps involved, but they are simple to follow.

First, you will need to visit the official Free Febreze Plug-In Offer website. You can click this link from your smartphone or your computer.

Once you are on the website, you will need to enter and confirm your mobile phone number. This is where you will receive your free digital offer.

Note: this offer is only good for shopping in-store. You cannot redeem the free item via online shopping or pick-up.


After you’ve entered your mobile number, you will get a confirmation page on your browser, and then within a minute, you’ll receive a text with your personal link to the free Febreze Plug-In offer. From there, you’ll see a series of directions on how to redeem your offer.

Now you’re ready to go shopping. While you’re picking up other essentials at Walmart, pick up your Febreze Plug-In, too. You can check out at either the self-checkout or with a cashier — this offer works at both. When everything is scanned and you’re ready to pay, tap the “Tap Here When Ready to Pay” button at the bottom of your redemption link page, and scan the bar code for the free Febreze Plug-In offer (or ask the cashier to scan it).

That’s it! You should receive the credit for the air freshener. After that, just pay for your transaction as you would normally.

Then, head home and enjoy your savings and new Febreze Plug-In air freshener!

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