Get The Best Exchange Rate For Your Dollars In These Six Countries

Millions Of Americans Travel Ahead Of Thanksgiving Holiday
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Traveling abroad is no longer a dream that only the upper class can enjoy. From the new, discount airlines that keep popping up, such as WOW air, to affordable accommodation options from the likes of Airbnb, taking in a new culture has never been more possible.

Another consideration for your travel planning? Your spending power. Meaning, take advantage of the power of the dollar and explore countries with a good exchange rate.

Check out this roundup of six travel destinations that are easy on the wallet:

1. Vietnam

It’s a great time to widen your options in Asia, as the yen rises against the dollar. And one of Asia’s most budget-friendly vacation spots? Vietnam. Don’t miss Hoi An, a historic, beautiful destination in this unique country. Lonely Planet calls Hoi An’s architecture grand and its riverside beguiling.

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2. Poland

Poland should be one of your top choices if you’re considering a trip to Europe. According to The Economist’s Big Mac Index, your dollars will go far in this Eastern European country, especially if you decide to purchase fast food.

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3. Mexico

Consider our neighbor to the south if you need a nice dose of sunshine and tequila. The great exchange rate means that, as long as you pick a unique destination within Mexico, you won’t need to spend a lot once you get there. Sorry, though. Los Cabos may not be the most affordable option.

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4. England

Book now if you’d like to see the London Bridge and the Houses of Parliament this year. There’s still time to enjoy a somewhat friendlier exchange rate post-Brexit. But make your plans ASAP, before the pound goes all the way back up in value.

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5. Portugal

They aren’t as flashy as Paris or Rome, but Lisbon or Porto in Portugal are also great European travel options. Go because the dollar’s strong against the euro, and stay for the beautiful countryside and delicious wine.

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6. Greece

This beautiful, historic nation of islands continues to struggle economically. That means that, in the face of bailout talks, it’s still a good time for Americans to spend their cash in Greece. You’ll get a lot of sun and views of blue-domed buildings by the water for a decent price.

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