Your kids can get a free personalized postcard from Santa

Writing a letter to Santa Claus was one of my favorite holiday traditions when I was a kid. There was something magical about sitting down at the dining room table with the Sears catalog next to me (remember those?), a clean sheet of paper and a pencil ready to make my list and send it off to the North Pole.

Today’s generation of kids may be more technologically savvy, but the annual letter to Santa Claus will never be too old-fashioned. The U.S. Postal Service reports that Santa still receives hundreds of thousands of letters each year! And despite being so busy, Santa does his best to respond to as many of those letters from all the good boys and girls as he can.

Getty Images | Andrew Burton
Getty Images | Andrew Burton

How does he do this? He might have a little help. We found two ways Santa Claus sends a personalized response to children who take the time to write him a letter.

Kids can receive a personalized postcard from Santa thanks to his helpers at Chatbooks. The company’s Postcards from Santa program allows “helper elves” to go to its website, enter a few details about the child, one of the gifts on his or her wishlist and a mailing address. Within a week or two, make sure your little one checks the mailbox for a special delivery from Santa!


And then there’s the Greetings from the North Pole Post Office program. If you use this service, not only will your child receive a letter from Santa, but the envelope will also have a postmark from the North Pole! Cool, right? Just head to the official website by Dec. 7 and follow the simple instructions in order to make sure that Santa has time to read and send back the letter. All it will cost you are the envelopes and the postage.

A small investment for a lifetime of memories!

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