Get A $15 Target Gift Card When You Purchase Baby Formula At Target

Raise your hand if you’re trying to save money in 2018. It’s pretty much everyone’s goal, right?

Well, Target is running a great promotion right now if you’re a regular shopper there. When you buy three select baby formulas, you’ll get a $15 gift card. If you’ve got other shopping you need to do at Target anyway, the $15 gift card could really come in handy!

Plus, babies are expensive and they make it difficult to run to the store when you run out of essentials. Why not stock up on formula now and take advantage of this deal?

The formulas that are included in this deal are: Enfamil, Enfagrow, Similac, Gerber, Earth’s Best and Pure Bliss.

You can take advantage of this deal through Jan. 20 online or in stores!