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If your job is physically demanding or you find yourself outdoors in all weather, then you need a pair of shoes that you can rely on. And that’s precisely what the footwear company Georgia Boot aims to provide.

The retailer has been making boots and other shoes since the brand was founded in 1937. Part of the company’s success is due to real people helping them test their products. If you’re interested in giving Georgia Boot shoes a test run on your job site, you can apply online to be a product tester.

During testing, you’ll report back to the company about what worked and what didn’t work about the shoe design. As a thank you, you might even receive a free pair of shoes for your effort.


To apply, you need to fill out a brief online questionnaire. Testers must meet a list of requirements to be eligible for consideration. For starters, you must be at least 18 years old or older and have a career as an ironworker, landscaper, painter, roofer or paver. You can see the full list of requirements on the Georgia Boot website.

If you meet the minimum requirements and you’re selected as one of the product testers, you’ll need to complete online questionnaires before and after the trial period. Testers have to wear the shoes for the duration of the testing period, which typically lasts three to five weeks.

The results that you provide will help Georgia Boot create the best product possible — one that’s well-suited for the work environments they’ve listed. It’s jobs such as these where comfort and durability really count!

Reviews on their top-selling boots prove that this product testing phase really does help customers who wear these shoes on the job.

This FLXpoint composite toe waterproof work boot has received high marks for comfort and long-lasting durability. It’s available for $171 on the Georgia Boot website.

“I work in an industrial environment,” one review reads on the product page. “This is the third pair of these boots I have purchased … they are long-wearing and great on concrete … they last me 18 to 24 months.”

Georgia Boot

The women’s giant steel toe work boot, which is available for $124.20 online, also has rave reviews.

“This is my second pair, and I have decided that I will be a lifelong customer!” One review reads. “This boot is incredibly comfortable, and I can wear it all day without any issue. There wasn’t even a break-in period, which was wonderful. I would highly recommend this boot.”

Georgia Boot

So, what do you think? Would you be willing to test work boots for the chance to receive a pair for free?

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