Game of Thrones Pool Floats Are As Low As $14.99


You can count the number of remaining “Game of Thrones” episodes on one hand, but that doesn’t mean the show’s influence will end. As you spend time outdoors this summer, you can keep your favorite TV series alive and well with Game of Thrones pool floats!

That’s right, there are pool floats designed to let floaters feel the magic of Westeros while enjoying the great outdoors. Technically, they’re not official licensed products — but don’t let that stop you from snagging one ASAP.

Unfortunately, there’s no Iron Throne variation, but the floating fire-breathing dragon designs let you reign as king or queen wherever you are. There are fitting Ice and Fire color variations, so your pool allegiance is crystal clear. The adult-sized GoFloats Fire Dragon Party Tube sells for a reasonable $19.99 and can keep a whopping 500 pounds afloat.


Float With Fire

GoFloats also offers dragon floaties for pint-size fans. There’s a GoFloats Fire Dragon Jr. design that’s only $14.99 and can hold up to 100 pounds.

That’s not all.  GoFloats even created a supersized version fit for a super-fan — or a couple of smaller ones. The Giant Inflatable Fire Dragon Pool Float plus Bonus Drink Float, at eight feet long, provides ample space for one occupant to lie flat.

Plus, it comes with a convenient drink holder shaped like a mini fire-breathing dragon float. It’s perfect for holding your summer beverage of choice. Perhaps a delicious “Game of Thrones” wine?


Made to Last

All of the GoFloats designs are made of premium UV-treated raft-grade vinyl. In fact, these are thicker than other leading floats, so nothing will rock this float — unlike the twists and turns you’re sure to see on-screen over the next few weeks. The floats also feature a quick-fill valve, so you don’t have to wait around before hopping on your own dragon and floating around the pool.

Your love for Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea and all the rest of your favorite Game of Thrones characters can now extend beyond the season finale and well into the warmer months. Summer is coming. Choose your side!

If trampolines are more your style, you should consider these floating trampoline floats at Sam’s Club for around $300.

And if you want to ensure you spend your afternoon floating in crystal-clear pool water, make sure you invest in a top-quality pool cleaner.

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