These are the funniest ‘dad joke’ cards for Father’s Day

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While you may have settled on what to get the dads in your life for Father’s Day, don’t forget the cherry on top: a good “Dad Joke” card.

Here are 11 cards you can buy just in time for Father’s Day that feature some eye-rollingly-good dad jokes and wordplay. Maybe your father, husband, or the other father figures in your life can use them to add a few more jokes to their “dad joke” bank.

And if you need any last-minute inspiration, we’ve got a few gift ideas that will pair perfectly.

“When Does a Regular Joke Turn into A Dad Joke?”

joke card

$4.99 at Amazon

Puns are a staple of any good dad joke, and this Ogeby’s Father’s Day card combines a good one with a fun reference to parenthood. “When does a regular joke become a dad joke?” the cover asks. “When it becomes apparent.” This card has a stellar 4.9 out of 5 ratings on Amazon. Ogeby also sells a number of other Father’s Day cards you can pick from.

“J’Adore mon pear” Card

J'Adore mon pear card

$5.27 on Etsy

Playing off the French word for father (pere), this card from Etsy seller BewilderbeestShop is quirky and cute.

“This came with plenty of time to spare, nicely packaged and high quality,” Etsy user Alyssa wrote her in review of the card. “I even got a chuckle from my father out of it, which is always a win in my book. Worth it and would recommend.”

Emergency Dad Joke Card

Emergency Dad Joke Card

$4.98 at Amazon

Goroar’s card goes all out by filling its card cover with dad jokes your father may get a chuckle out of. “How do astronomers organize a party? They planet,” and “I think I want a job cleaning mirrors. I could really see myself doing it,” are among the eye-rolling assortment of jokes.

“Rare Dad” Steak Card

rare dad card

$8.99 at Amazon

Carnivorous and grill-loving fathers will enjoy the ALY LOU “Dads like you are pretty care to come by.” The company also has some other Father’s Day cards you can pick from. Pair this card with a nice steak dinner for dad and you can’t lose.

Dad Joke Toolbox Card

dad joke toolbox card

$5.50 on Etsy

A card that combines a classic dad-style toolbox that’s stocked with good dad jokes? Yes, please! This Etsy seller, LittleSueCards, has a 5-star rating , making this a pretty safe bet for a high-quality card.

TV-Watching Dad Card Download

TV-Watching Dad Card Download

$2.99 on Etsy

If you don’t have time to wait for a card to ship by Father’s Day, you can download this digital print that glorifies the dad who falls asleep while watching TV. Print it or send it digitally — as many times as you want  — to all the father figures in your life.

Gone Fishing Father’s Day Card

Gone Fishing Father's Day Card

$5.88 at Amazon

Joukfun has a fishing pun card for the reelers in your life. The card has a charming, hand-drawn quality to it. The seller also has a cute “No butter pop than you” card featuring popcorn kernels.

“For the Record” Card

for the record card

$6.00 on Etsy

StackCreates is an Etsy Pick by the site’s style and trend editors. And the creator employs a funny play on words declaring,”For the record, you are a really great dad.” A letterpress stencil of a record player completes the sentiment.

“Best of the Worst” Dad Jokes of All Time Book

worst dad jokes book

$10.95 on Etsy

Ready to up your “dad joke” game? Gift him this short book of 300 dad jokes from Etsy seller WillowCreekStudioCo instead of just a card. Write your name and a short note on the inside, in lieu of ordinary stationery, and you have part-note/part-gift.

Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there!

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