Check Out This Full-Time Work-From-Home Job That Offers Health Benefits And 401(k)


Working from home is a wonderful way to earn money without having to step foot outside your front door. That being said, not all work-from-home positions are created equal. Many of these jobs can involve a lot of effort on your part with very little reward, and some work-from-home jobs are actually schemes in disguise.

That’s why here at Don’t Waste Your Money, we make sure to bring you work-from-home opportunities that are actually legit. Here’s one that might interest you or other job-seekers that you know.

SYKES, a business process outsourcing company, is seeking customer service personnel to help them field phone calls for a variety of clients. Whether it is a cable company, a travel company, a healthcare provider or a retail company, SYKES employees answer phone calls from various companies’ customers.

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If you have ever called a company about your bill or your customer experience before, you have likely spoken with a SYKES employee yourself.


These are full-time positions that offer health benefits, a 401k, and of course, the ability to work from home and develop your own schedule. But the best part about this position is that you don’t need experience.

While those with customer service expertise are prioritized, anyone can apply for this job. All you need is a strong internet connection, a computer, and of course, a phone.

You should be comfortable talking to people and be able to empathize, as many of the customers calling will likely be dealing with some snafu and may be stressed or anxious.

You apply online here. You will then be contacted by SYKES in order for them to asses your skills and whether you’re a fit for the job. After this, SYKES will keep an eye out for positions that match your talents.

When they find one that could fit, they will contact you for an interview. If you get offered the position, you go through a background check and fill out employment forms, as you would with any employer.

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And don’t stress if you don’t hear from SYKES after your assessment. It could take them a while to find a position that suits you and your interests, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t hear from them in the future. Good luck!


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