Get a sprinkler shaped like the ‘Friends’ couch for only $50

Sam's Club

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If your summer could use some more “Friends,” you can get a sprinkler that will cool you down and transport you right back to the ’90s.

The BigMouth Inc. Friends Couch Sprinkler is an inflatable version of the Central Perk sofa the gang sits on in nearly every episode of the beloved sitcom.

While it sadly doesn’t dispense coffee, it does plug into a garden hose for easy setup. The water sprays from the top, so you can run through it or just sit on the couch and have the water rain down.

Sam's Club

$90.97 at Amazon

$49.98 at Sam's Club

It fits up to three adults and inflates or deflates quickly so it can be stored away when not in use. There are only 16 available so you’re interested, you’ll want to move quick.

Also from the brand BigMouth Inc. this Giant Inflatable Fire Hydrant Sprinkler is just $19.98 at Sam’s Club.

Sam's Club

$19.98 at Sam's Club

The fire hydrant sprinkler measures 3.8 feet by 6.3 feet and has three splash zones, plus a 360-degree spinning sprinkler. The sprinkler connects to a garden hose and comes with tethers for stability on the ground.

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