Here’s Where You Can Get Free Pretzels On National Pretzel Day

Goetz Bakery Prepares Oktoberfest Pretzels
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April 26 is National Pretzel Day! Yes, pretzels have a day, as well they should. Nothing beats a warm, salty, soft pretzel, whether you dip it in cheese or eat it plain.

And, thanks to National Pretzel Day, you can enjoy many awesome freebies to help you celebrate. Here are the best places to find pretzels deals on April 26:

The Office, anyone?

Auntie Anne’s

This mall-favorite is the quintessential place to get a pretzel. I would know that smell anywhere, as would most Americans. And, thanks to National Pretzel Day, you can get a free original pretzel or free cinnamon sugar pretzel from April 26 to April 30.

One caveat: You have to download their “My Pretzel Perks” app. Small price to pay for a free pretzel, plus it means that you earn rewards for all your Auntie Anne’s purchases, and you get a free pretzel on your birthday.

Wetzel’s Pretzels

Get a free pretzel at Wetzel’s Pretzels on National Pretzel Day. If you download their app, you can get another free pretzel after you download, plus a free birthday pretzel. Better make some room on your phone for all these pretzel apps!


Say “Happy Birthday” at select Pretzelmaker locations and you can get a pretzel for just $0.26. (The chain is celebrating their 26th birthday.)

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