These free mileage tracker apps can help you save money

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Whether you drive for Uber or Lyft or just spend a lot of time in the car for your job, sometimes you need a mileage tracker app. An app can help take the guesswork out of “okay, so it was 13 miles from the airport to the hotel…but I stopped at Chipotle…so, 11.5 miles?” when you’re trying to write up an expense report or come tax time.

Here are some of the best, free mileage tracker apps that can help keep all of this information straight.

Oh, and bonus: if you use your personal vehicle for paid work or as part of charitable, moving or medical purposes, that standard mileage rate deduction from the IRS could apply to you, too!

Stride Drive

This completely free app runs in the background as you drive and logs every mile. Then, when you’re ready, it generates a report for the IRS you can use when you’re doing your taxes. How convenient is that?

You can also track other expenses like car washes, parking fees and tolls, which can add up quickly (and help you decide if working for a ride-sharing service is even worth your time).

The app has great reviews (“This app is a must-have for anyone that drives for work,” one says) and is user-friendly: it can walk you through all the necessary steps to figure out exactly which expenses are trackable. You can download Stride Drive through iTunes and Google Play.


The TripLog app is free for users who only want to track mileage and expenses, but you can pay the small fee of $1.50 a month to access additional features like cloud data backup, unlimited data history, receipt photos (for gas and other related expenses) and unlimited, IRS-ready reports.

In the free version, you can use the app for up to five cars and log trips manually or through your GPS. You can also track expenses like fuel and use map-based route reviews in Google maps. TripLog is available at iTunes and Google Play.


This app automatically tracks all your mileage and creates real-time quarterly AND year-end tax estimates (yes, it’s free!). You can connect the app to more than 15,000 financial institutions, allowing you to link your account to your bank or credit union. Then, when you use your debit or credit card, you’ll be prompted to enter the purchase as a business expense, which makes life much easier than going through all your receipts.

The app has stellar reviews. Users say it’s easy to use and love the 1099, year-end and year-to-date reports. Hurdlr is available on iTunes and Google Play.

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