Frank Lloyd Wright fans will love these home decor and gift items

five Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired decor items

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Nearly 65 years after his death, the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and his work remain as popular as ever. The homes, public buildings and other structures he designed with a focus on accessible, “organic” architecture are frequently visited and quickly bought up when they (rarely) hit the housing market.

While you may not be able to afford to buy an original Frank Lloyd Wright home, you can own home decor, books, art or other gifts that the legendary architect inspired.

Here are 15 Wright-inspired items you can bring into your own home.

Galison’s Frank Lloyd Wright Saguaro and Cactus Form Boxed Pen


$15.97 at Walmart $15.97 at Amazon

Wright was known for detailed, geometric patterns inspired by natural forms. And this ballpoint pen in a handsome gift box features his Saguaro and Cactus design, which he created for a Liberty Magazine cover series he submitted (it was never published) featuring Arizona cacti from the Sonoran desert that can live up to 200 years.

KAF Frank Lloyd Wright ‘Tree of Life’ Woven Jacquard Tea Towel


$17.49 at Amazon

KAF Home offers a number of Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired textiles, including this woven, cotton tea towel that has Wright’s famous Tree of Life pattern on it (he created this in 1903 for the windows of the Darwin Martin House in Buffalo, New York). You can also find more kitchen towels with his other designs, plus table runners and Swedish dishcloths, in the brand’s Frank Lloyd Wright collection.

Tea Forte Frank Lloyd Wright Cafe Cup, Tea Tray and Tea Bags Gift Set


$65 at Amazon

Tea Forte has a handsome Frank Lloyd Wright gift set with 10 tea bags featuring five tea varieties that have earthy notes. There’s also a tiny tray to rest your used tea bag on and a deep red mug with a geometric pattern imitating the architect’s December Gifts art from his Liberty Magazine cover series. Wright would have likely enjoyed this set, as he was a black tea drinker and once told the New York Times that tea was “food for the mind.”

Frank Lloyd Wright Lake Geneva Night Light


$47.95 at Amazon

This compact wooden nightlight that you plug in has an automatic light sensor. The abstract tulip pattern on its front is an ode to the now-demolished Lake Geneva Hotel Wright built in Wisconsin, which he designed in 1911.

Frank Lloyd Wright Darwin D. Martin House Welcome Doormat


$65.99 at Amazon

This fiber welcome mat incorporates a glass window design from Wright’s Martin House’s clustered piers, meant to imitate wisteria blossoms. You can also get a Tree of Life doormat.

Mudpuppy ‘Opposites with Frank Lloyd Wright’ Board Book


$10.89 (was $12.99) at Amazon

Inspire little ones with this “Opposites” board book from Mudpuppy that explains the concept through contrasting Wright-designed buildings, furniture, art glass designs and more. Mudpuppy also has a Wright-inspired “My First Shapes” book.

The Atom Brick Fallingwater Building Set


$349.99 at Amazon

Build a small-scale version of Wright’s iconic Fallingwater with The Atom Brick set. The incredibly detailed kit from Adam Reed Tucker’s company (he created the Lego Architecture line) includes tiny furniture and other interior touches that are exactly like what’s inside the 1936 Pennsylvania home. The set was made in partnership with the UNESCO World Heritage site and part of the model’s cost goes to the preservation and maintenance of Fallingwater.

Bulova B1659 Usonian II Frank Lloyd Wright Mantel Clock


$71.70 (was $90) at Amazon

Bulova has an alder wood clock in the fashion of Wright’s Usonian architecture, which focuses on affordability, practicality and harmony with nature. Bulova also sells a number of other timepieces inspired by Wright, including watches, mantel clocks and wall clocks.

Bloomsbury Market Frank Lloyd Wright Cactus Flowers Stained Glass Plaque Wall Hanger


$133.99 (was $171.59) at Wayfair

If you go to the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, you can see the full-scale version of Wright’s desert landscape design, which he submitted for the unpublished Liberty Magazine cover series. You can also own a smaller size of this stained glass art that can be hung or stand on its wooden pedestal. Wayfair also sells other Wright-inspired stained glass art pieces.

Frank Lloyd Wright Coonley Playhouse 4-piece 14-ounce Whiskey Glasses


$49.99 at Wayfair

These colorful tumblers display a replica of the stained glass window patterns from Wright’s Coonley Playhouse in Illinois. The playhouse, originally part of Avery Coonley’s estate when it was built in 1912, was a school before becoming a private home and the windows were meant to look like flags, confetti and balloons. You can get other FLW designs on tumblers through Wayfair as well.

Green Touch Through Lines 36-Inch Single Bathroom Vanity


$1,519 (was $1,739) at Wayfair

Architecture fans looking to update their bathrooms might consider this cherrywood and marble or engineered stone vanity. Wayfair has several other matching Greentouch bathroom options. These were designed in cooperation with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, which preserves and manages Wright residences Taliesin and Taliesin West.

Corrigan Studio Frank Lloyd Wright Textile Block System Design Maroon Sculpture


$27.99 at Wayfair

This handpainted ceramic box with a removable lid could be used to store little treasures or displayed as a sculptural piece in your home. The box’s pattern references the concrete blocks used in Wright’s Mayan Revival textile-block style design at the Ennis House in Los Angeles. A similar box with a pattern from Wright’s Samuel Freeman house is also available.

Dakota Fields Cutts Handmade Figure—Frank Lloyd Wright Nakoma Woman Statue


$92.99 at Wayfair

The full-scale version of this Nakoma woman sculpture, designed by Wright in 1923, was meant for an unrealized Nakoma Country Club project in Madison, Wisconsin. You can own a 12-inch, gilded version of this artwork. (Wayfair misidentifies this statue as the Takoma woman.)

Water Lilies Geometric Cotton Table Runner


$34.95 at Wayfair

The pattern on this minimalistic but lovely table runner is the Waterlilies art glass motif Wright created circa 1893 for another unfinished project. The runner, made from 100% cotton, is 72 inches long and 14 inches across, making it best for a medium- to small-sized table.

Trinx Veneto Handmade Words And Text Decorative Plaque


$106.99 at Wayfair

Display Wright’s philosophy with this standing wood and glass framed quote of the architect’s Organic Commandment, which says, “Love is the virtue of the Heart. Sincerity the virtue of the mind. Decision the virtue of the Will. Courage the virtue of the Spirit.” The commandment originates from 1934, while the art depicted came from a 1948 Christmas card Wright created for his apprentices in the Taliesin Fellowship and their friends.

Which is your favorite Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired item?

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