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There are several travel deals for the holiday shopping season: Now’s the time to take advantage of those.


You can go to flight-tracking websites or apps like Kayak or Hopper

Let’s focus on Hopper. You put in your preferences for destinations, month of travel and more. Then, use the “Flex Watch” feature. That scours the web for discounts that meet your needs. Hopper will even send you notifications when it finds certain deals for you.


So far, airlines have not posted any Travel Deal Tuesday promotions, but many of them are either extending their Black Friday sales through today or extending Cyber Monday through the week.

Southwest is offering $125 discounts on United States vacation packages, and $250 off international packages. Be sure to read the fine print though. Know that deals are also constantly changing, so these deals may not still be available by the time you search for it.

Check other airlines to find what specific dates you can fly to get the cheapest price!


Some airlines give you more points to shop online at selected sites. The points might be 2-3 more than normal or actually double the amount! American Airlines and Southwest Airlines show what stores are involved and many points or miles you can earn, as well as the deadlines to score!

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