Get A Fidget Spinner For Just $3.99 (Plus Free Shipping!)

If your child has been begging you for one of these, now's a good time to buy.


If your child has been begging you for a fidget spinner—the most popular gadget in school at the moment—here’s a great deal for you.

You can snag a fidget spinner for just $3.99 with free shipping over at eBay. These regularly retail for $14.99, so you’re saving $11 or 73 percent.

Wonder what a fidget spinner is exactly? Here’s a quick rundown.

These toys are easy to use—all you do is twirl the three-pronged toy in your hand or on a flat surface. They’re intended to help kids pay attention in school by relieving stress and helping them calm their minds when they’re learning.


Before you take advantage of this awesome deal, you might want to know that these little gadgets are driving some parents and teachers crazy. You’ve been warned!


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