How To Exchange Your Toys R Us Gift Cards At Bed Bath & Beyond

Toys R Us has officially stopped all their online sales.

According to a message on the company’s website, their website has been shut down, but customers can still visit brick-and-mortar stores to take advantage of going-out-of-business sales.

This recent move has many worried that they are now running out of options to use their gift cards. However, there is one option consumers can take advantage of until Thursday, April 5.

Bed Bath & Beyond posted on their Facebook page that they are accepting Toys R Us and Babies R Us gift cards at a discount and turning them into e-gift cards that shoppers can spend in their stores or online.

According to Bed Bath & Beyond’s card exchange website, they will accept any gift cards that have a balance of $20 or greater — even if the card is partially used or has an uneven balance.
Those interested in trading in their gift cards should visit Just keep in mind, the offer ends on Thursday, April 5, at 11:59 p.m. EST.

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