The cost of these 12 everyday items has skyrocketed in recent years

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When grandma and grandpa were talking about the “good old days,” they must have been talking about their wallets! Yes. On average, people are making a lot more money than they did in 1925. But does this justify the price hikes of the most everyday of items?

From what we pay for a loaf of bread to the mortgages on our homes, nothing comes cheap. Take a look at the everyday items that used to be low-cost.

1. Cars

Vehicles have always been considered big purchases for families, and always will be. But even a used car with basic features requires a sizable down payment in 2017. After the U.S. entered World War I, prices for a Ford ranged from $325 to $645. That’s $6,745 to $13,387 today. Today the average price for a car clocks in at $34,000.

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2. McDonald’s Fries

One dime. That’s how much you’d pay for fries back in 1955. Now you’ll pay at least $1.29 for a size small!

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3. Levi’s Jeans

Certainly the most recognized jean brand in history, a pair cost just $5 in 1962. Today, Levi’s jeans for men and women cost up to $98! Most pairs are in the $50 to $60 range. Huge increase nevertheless.

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4. A Haircut

Need a quick trim? According to Angie’s List, women pay an average of $43 for a haircut while men pay $28. Of course top-notch stylists will charge much more! In 1962, a haircut cost just $3.

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5. Your Home

Not saying $5,000 is cheap but, today, that’s five months’ rent. In 1917, you’d pay about $5,000 for your house! The real estate market has been on an upward trend since. In 2016, the average home sold for $372,500…a more than 300 percent increase.

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6. A Single U.S. Stamp

Sending a postcard? A stamp in 1971 was just 8 cents. Sending a letter today costs 49 cents. That’s what Facebook posts are for, right?

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7. Apples

Keeping the doctor away used to cost just 2 cents per pound (1917). Today, a pound of apples costs $1.43 on average, and even more for new varieties of apples like the Honeycrisp.

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8. Raising A Child

Kids. They will never be cheap, but time is only making them more expensive. The cost of raising a child rose from $145,000 in 1995 to $227,051 in 2015.

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9. Trip To Disneyland

Taking the kids on a Disneyland vacation? A ticket for a child was an unbelievable 35 cents in 1956! A day in the park today is up to $93 per child.

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10. Movie Ticket

It shouldn’t be a surprise that fewer people are going to the movies. A movie ticket in 1962 was just 50 cents. Today, ticket prices have exploded, ranging from $10 to $15 depending on the theater.

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11. Bread

Groceries as a whole cost families more money today. And the steepest rise has to be bread. In the early 1980s, bread cost about 53 cents. Today, you pay at least $1.40 for a white loaf of bread.

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12. Gas

Here’s the obvious one: the price of gas. Today’s average is about $2.35 per gallon. In 1932, prices had actually fallen to 18 cents per gallon. Down from 25 cents in 1918.

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