Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream totally lives up to the hype

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
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When I first learned that Catherine Zeta-Jones swore by Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream last fall, I started using it regularly myself. I have to say that it 100% lives up to the hype! And for the record, I don’t really consider myself “a hype” person.

But if I were shipped off to live on a desert island and could only bring one skincare product, I would pack this magical little balm without thinking twice.

Touted as “a balm skincare savior that does more than moisturize,” this product is known for being versatile. I use it for everything, and I’m not exaggerating. When my face needs a little pick-me-up, I put the tiniest dab on my cheeks and eyelids for sheen. Anything left on my fingertips goes straight to my eyebrows to smooth them out and keep them in place.

At night, after applying eye cream, I add a thin amount of this balm on top, a beauty trick I learned from Tik Tok. The results were so great after the first night, I’ve been doing it ever since. Then I swipe some on my lips to keep them hydrated throughout the night.

Simplemost/Emily O'Brien

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Every now and then, I’ll use it to moisturize my cuticles or put it over a fresh cut (usually located on my hands from chopping veggies too quickly). I’ve even used it while in a pinch on vacation as a hair balm to smooth ponytail flyaways.

But my latest and greatest hack is on my legs. I had a case of razor burn, which might have been triggered by dry skin. This special little balm cleared it up overnight, much to my delight!

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I am honestly not sure why or how it’s so magical, but its active ingredient is salicylic acid. I have highly sensitive skin and find comfort in the fact that it’s been dermatologist-tested and clinically shown to hydrate and protect skin for eight hours. It’s not just marketing mumbo-jumbo — in my personal experience, it truly does live up to its name.

I’m also happy to report this balm has never bothered my skin; it has only helped in the most positive way.

Even after having it for almost a year and using it in all the ways I mentioned above, I’m still on my first tube! A little goes a long way. I don’t think I’ve used more than a dime-sized amount — if that — for each application. When I do eventually run out, I will definitely be picking up some more.

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