New Drew Barrymore coffee maker lets you grind and brew at the same time

Drew Barrymore with beautiful coffee maker

Many of us have gotten used to our single-serve coffee makers, which require little more than popping in a pod and pressing a few buttons. Of course, coffee pods aren’t especially eco-friendly, and they can be expensive.  Happily, Drew Barrymore’s cookware brand Beautiful has just released a new coffee maker that addresses all those negatives.

The Perfect Grind Single-Serve Coffee Maker will not only brew your cup of java on the spot, but it will also grind the beans for you!

Perfect Grind Single-Serve Coffee Maker in bue and green

$99 at Walmart

Basically, the machine has a built-in grinder that automatically grinds the beans for you when you brew your coffee. Fill the coffee bean hopper once, and you’ll have enough for 16 cups of coffee. Plus, it’s easy to use. You just add your whole coffee beans to the bean hopper, make sure the reusable filter basket is in place, select your grind option, size, and strength, and brew.

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And yes, you can also use pre-ground coffee. Just add it directly to the filter basket like you would a typical coffee maker. As for clean up, just rinse out the filter. Plus, the next time you go to make coffee, the appliance will remember your recent settings and default to them. Simple, right?

coffee makers side-by-side

Of course, the Drew Barrymore coffee maker is more than just functional. It’s aesthetic. The appliance comes in traditional shades of black and white, but you can also snag a green or blue version if you want to add a pop of color to a space.

The coffee maker is also small. At five inches wide and under 15 inches tall, it’s perfect for small kitchens, home offices, or even a company office with a tiny break room.

Does this coffee machine sound perfect for you? Then head over to Walmart post-haste, since Beautiful’s kitchen products have been known to sell out quickly!

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