Dream Job: Cancun Will Pay You $10,000 A Month To Take A Vacation


Traveling is expensive. So, why not get paid to explore instead?

If you love visiting Mexico, you could bring home $10,000 per month to vacation just for telling everyone how much fun you’re having.

That’s right, Cancun.com is on the hunt for a CEO.

Don’t worry if you’ve never run a company before.

This time, CEO stands for “Cancun experience officer.” Yep, that’s right.

The chosen candidate will live the good life for six months in 2018.

Gig Of A Lifetime

The job description is every adventure-lover’s dream:

“We’re looking for brand ambassador who can showcase the warmth, wonder, and essence of Cancun as one of the world’s premier vacation destinations. As CEO, you will get the chance to swim with whale sharks, explore the jungle, investigate ancient ruins, and much more.”

Flickr | Tristan Higbee

The CEO will head home each night to a luxury hotel or resort, and all excursions are covered, too.

The job includes documenting your adventures in videos, photos and in writing, and attending some events.


“The ideal applicant will have a unique eye for capturing stories, a warmth in interacting with others, a self-motivated work ethic, and a dedication to producing high-quality work,” according to the job description.


This six-month gig of a lifetime starts in March, but Cancun.com says there’s even a possibility of a second contract afterward.


If you’re crazy and you think six months is too long to spend in paradise, you can also apply as a team to split up the time, the fun and the cash.

How To Apply

If you’re interested in heading south of the border, submit your minute-long video by Dec. 17. You can get the process started here.


Then, people will vote on the submissions, and Cancun.com will eventually pick five finalists to spend a week on vacation, er, we mean, interviewing, on-site in Mexico.

Flickr | Gervasio Varela

The panel will name the CEO at the end of January. There are a couple of rules to keep in mind: you must be 18 or older by Jan. 1 and you must speak and write fluently in English.

You don’t even need to speak Spanish, although it would help you while you’re there.

¿Por qué no? If you’re chosen, you may want to learn this phrase when you get the opportunity to kitesurf or taste delicious meals at the luxury resorts you’re visiting: Why not?

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