The Dollarita is back at Applebee’s


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Applebee’s is speaking our language with their latest deal. The “Dollarita,” aka the $1 margarita is back, and you’re not going to want to miss it. Because there’s just nothing better than $1 booze.

The Dollarita first came to Applebee’s back in October, and if you’ve been dreaming of it ever since, you’re certainly not alone.

Applebee’s released this statement announcing the $1 deal:

“Since the Dollarita left us in October, it’s been just about the only thing we can think about. We’ve been counting Dollarita instead of sheep before bed. Seeing Dollarita in the stars when we look at the sky. And adding the suffix -ita to just about every object-erita we can find. So we’re bringing it back.”

Yeah, so the excitement is definitely real!

According to the Applebee’s website, the drinks are made using tequila and margarita mix, so it’s not exactly the most gourmet recipe—but hey, it’s only $1, and you just can’t beat that. It’s whipped up behind the bar and then served in a cold 10 ounce mug, making it practically irresistible.

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The Dollaritas will be available at participating Applebee’s locations beginning April 1—so you know what that means? Happy hour at Applebee’s tonight!

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But, if this deal is anything like the one in October, you don’t have to wait until 5:00 rolls around to take advantage of this deal, as they serve up these cold beverages all day long.

Please be sure to drink responsibly!

Applebee’s Locations Closing

Applebee’s has been trying out lots of deals like this lately.

There were $2 vodka lemonades in March, $1 Bahama Mamas in February and $1 Long Island iced teas in December.

Did you hit up your local Applebee’s for any of those deals?

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These deals may be part of a new Applebee’s strategy to win over customers. Last August, the parent company for Applebee’s and IHOP announced its decision to close more than 150 of the two chain restaurant locations.

Then, in February, another 80 Applebee’s locations were on the chopping block.

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“We are investing in the empowerment of our brands by improving overall franchisee financial health, closing underperforming restaurants and enhancing the supply chain,” interim CEO Richard Dahl said in a statement in August.

Other Applebee’s Deals

Lucky for you, Applebee’s is offering some other ways to save right now.

For example, if you spend $30 on your next order – and you place the order online — you can get $10 off when you use the promo code 10OFF30.

They also offer half-priced appetizers late at night, which is great if you’re in the mood for a little late-night snack. Score half-price apps after 10 p.m.!

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They also regularly offer their two for $22 deal, which means you can get two entrees and an appetizer to share for just $22. Combine that with $1 margaritas and that’s a great deal!


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