Keep your kids entertained all summer with these 20 Dollar Store ideas

Dollar Tree Store
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16. Hula Hoop Bubbles

Fill a small kiddie pool with bubble solution, suggests blogger Beth Kruse. Dunk a hula hoop in like a giant bubble wand and carefully lift it out for mega bubbles.

Beth Kruse Custom Creations

17. Fairy Garden

Hit the dollar store craft aisle for items such as moss, fabric butterflies and glass gems, as well as small birdhouses or other miniatures that will enable kids to creatively design their own fairy gardens.

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18. Backyard Tic-Tac-Toe

Use painters tape to make a tic-tac-toe board on a shower curtain or draw one on the sidewalk using chalk, suggests A Turtle’s Life for Me. Purchase six Frisbees (three of one color, three of another). Kids can take turns trying to toss three in a row.

A Turtle's Life for Me

19. Water Balloon Piñatas

Fill a bunch of balloons with water and hang them from a clothesline or length of rope, suggests blogger Mandy Douglass. Blindfold your kids and let them swing to try to break the pinatas and help everyone cool off.

It Will Change Your Life | Mandy Douglass

20. Water Blob

For each “blob,” you will need one tarp or thick plastic sheeting. As the blog Homemade Toast suggests, iron the edges together, leaving a small hole for the garden hose. Seal the hole with duct tape after filling with water. You can also make “mini” water blobs!

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