Keep your kids entertained all summer with these 20 Dollar Store ideas

Dollar Tree Store
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11. Pool Noodle Boats

The creators of the blog Our Family of Seven sliced rings from a pool noodle to make the base for small, floating boats. You can use straw and triangles cut from craft foam (all from the dollar store, of course) to form the sails.

Our Family of Seven

12. Tin Foil River

Turn your yard into a river for your pool noodle boats, per Our Beautifully Messy House. Fold up the edges on double layered strips of foil. Start on a slant, if possible, such as a hill or a slide. Run water from the garden hose at one end and have a boat race.

Our Beautifully Messy House

13. Mini Golf

Play putt-putt in the backyard, like Family Dollar suggests. Dig holes to insert disposable cups or simply place the cups on their sides to make each hole. Use garden stakes as flags for your mini course.

Family Dollar

14. Bean Bag Toss

Set up several small bins or bowls and label each one with a point amount. Use bean bags you already have or pick up some child’s socks at the dollar store, fill them with dry beans or rice and tie them closed for a DIY carnival game, suggests Dollar Store Mom.

Dollar Store Mom

15. Water Painting

You want to encourage creativity, but paint can be so messy. Instead, Tinker Lab suggests, buy paint rollers, brushes and spray bottles from the dollar store and let your kids “paint” the sidewalk and walls.

Tinker Lab

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