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Disney theme park souvenirs allow guests to bring home a piece of the vacation magic when their trip is over. Most of the time, these items hold simple, sentimental value for a family.

However, occasionally, some theme park merchandise catches the eyes of Disney collectors. Once that happens, an item’s value can jump significantly.

If you bought something at a Disney park years ago, you might be pleasantly surprised to find it could bring you a nice chunk of change from a diehard collector. So, instead of collecting dust, your souvenir can help you collect some extra cash.

Check out these examples of some recently sold Disney theme park souvenirs on eBay.

1. Pinocchio snow globe — $850

This piece had a lot going for it to drive up the price. First, the Disney name has a built-in collector’s market. Second, snow globes have their own following of collectors. Plus, for Disney collectors, Pinocchio tends to draw a lot of attention because he’s a classic character.

This snow globe that sold for $850 on eBay featured both Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket—something not easy to come by in souvenirs like this.


2. 2001 Disneyland wall map poster — $109.50

Disney theme park maps are one of the most common collectibles out there for treasure hunters. Sites like eBay have hundreds of listings just for this type of souvenir. Collectors love Disney theme park maps because many of them look like works of art.

The colors and detail by the designers transform these handy guides into frame-worthy works. This 40-inch by 27-inch poster from 2001 attracted interest because of its ribbon border featuring classic Disney characters. It sold for $109.50 on eBay.


3. Disney’s Hollywood Studios clap board — $20

Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park is undergoing some major transformations over the next few years. In fact, the park’s central attraction, The Great Movie Ride, just closed last week.

Because of these changes, some Disney fans wonder how much longer Disney’s Hollywood Studios will even keep its name.

Those looking to hold on to their memories of the park search for items like this clap board.

Sure, $20 may not seem like a lot of money. But, it’s not bad for something collecting dust in a closet somewhere. Also, keep an eye on merchandise like this. Its value could go up as the park continues to evolve.


4. Vintage Epcot Center postcard sets — $250

Disney’s Epcot theme park will celebrate its 35th anniversary on Oct. 1, 2017. When the Epcot theme park opened in October 1982, its name was EPCOT Center. Fans of the park especially love merchandise from the park’s first 10 to 15 years when all the original attractions remained in place.

Remember postcards? Pictures on one side and a place to drop a note to friends saying, “Wish you were here!” Of course, today we have texts and social media to do the same thing.

However, this collection offers some fantastic photos of classic Epcot Center. And, this is what diehard collectors crave. This set of 10 cards sold for $49.99 on eBay.


Here’s another Epcot postcard collection that sold for $250. These sold for more because the collection has cards from extinct attractions such as Horizons, World of Motion, and Food Rocks. So, start looking in those boxes and see if you can find any of these. They’ve become serious collectors’ items!


5. Dreamfinder and Figment figurine — $525

The Dreamfinder and Figment welcomed guests at the Journey Into Imagination attraction in Epcot Center’s Future World. Think of Dreamfinder as the human guide into our imaginations and the purple dragon Figment (as in figment of our imagination) as his adorable sidekick. Sadly, Dreamfinder is no longer part of the updated Imagination pavilion. However, Figment remains a popular character in Epcot.

This limited-edition sculpture, called “Imaginary Friends,” only had 1,000 castings. Collectors of either Figment or vintage Epcot memorabilia love this stuff. This figurine sold for $525!


6. Epcot Figment 3D pin — $125

Pin trading has become a passion for thousands of Disney fans. Theme park tourists visit stores dedicated to the art of pin trading to buy or trade for their favorites. As with most types of collections, some pins have more value than others.

That cute purple dragon returns! (I told you he’s popular!) This jumbo-sized pin features Figment and Epcot’s iconic attraction Spaceship Earth. The Dreamfinder and other popular Disney characters also take a bow on this limited-edition pin, which recently sold for $125.


7. Mickey’s Halloween Party Villains Pin—$95

Each fall, Disneyland hosts Mickey’s Halloween Party. A few limited-edition pins get released to commemorate the event. One of the most popular features during each party is the appearance of Disney villains.

This 2011 Mickey’s Halloween Party Pin features three of the biggest baddies: the Evil Queen from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” Ursula from “The Little Mermaid” and Cruella de Vil from “101 Dalmatians.” The pin has a high collectible value because Disney pulled it from the shelves due to a misprint on the pin. So, very few can be found in circulation. This pin is on the market for $95.


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