This easy-to-use digital picture frame makes the perfect gift for grandparents


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Grandparents love to show off their growing family, and nothing quite compares to the thoughtfulness of gifting them with a digital picture frame. A digital picture frame allows them to display recent photos of their favorite grandkids, as well as classic snapshots that the entire family has taken over the years — even if they don’t use social media.

A digital picture frame is a charming way to bring an extra touch of warmth into their home. And when you find one that can also be easily set up without any fuss or hassle, grandparents can always have reminders of all the love that surrounds them no matter what kind of day they’re having and no matter how near or far their precious grandbabies may be.


If you’re looking for an easy-to-use frame your grandparents will love, the Skylight Frame Color Digital Picture Frame is a great fit. It is easy to set up in just one minute, and anyone can email photos directly to the frame from anywhere in the world.

Simply plug it in and use the touch screen to connect to Wi-Fi. Then, pick a unique Skylight email address for your digital picture frame, email photos to the frame’s address, and they will appear instantly!

The frame boasts a 10-inch color touchscreen display with 1280-by-800 resolution. It has cloud storage, so there’s no need for an SD card. And if you’re ever unsatisfied for any reason, you can rest assured knowing that Skylight offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

With a touchscreen display, grandparents can effortlessly swipe through different images to see their grandkids’ latest projects or funny poses. Plus, its sleek design makes for an attractive addition to any home.


The Skylight Frame is an excellent choice for seniors who aren’t incredibly tech-savvy and appreciate something convenient others can update for them. It comes with features like automatic photo rotation based on preferences.

However, those comfortable with technology will appreciate finding that they can use the frame much like a phone or tablet. Swipe through photos, browse the gallery, pinch and zoom to adjust images, delete photos or pause the slideshow, all directly on the frame.

Wi-Fi allows photos sent to your private email address to upload instantly. But even if they don’t have an internet connection, grandparents can still view and enjoy the images you have already loaded onto the frame.


For extra convenience, there’s also a free Skylight mobile app for uploading and viewing images as well. You can even add text and captions when sending photos to the frame.

With its unique Heart Button feature, your loved one can let you know they appreciate a photo just by tapping it. Skylight will then email you to let you know.

For those seeking an extra special gesture of love and appreciation for their grandparents this holiday season, the Skylight Frame 10-inch Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame, currently 17% off at $139.99, presents a thoughtful option. Please note that, while no app or subscription is required for basic tasks, you may need a subscription to access, delete and view images.

If you’re looking for other options, the Nixplay 10.1-inch Touch Screen Smart Digital Picture Frame is on sale for $135.35 right now. It allows anyone with a Nixplay account to send images to the frame. And the Frameo 10.1-inch WiFi HD Digital Picture Frame, right now only $59.99, also offers a micro SD card option as well as an app, so you can use the card to download photos into the frame or save images others have sent.

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