Digital downloads of Disney movies for just $5

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Have your kids been begging you to watch “Frozen” over and over again this summer?

Well if you haven’t caved and bought the movie yet, now’s your chance. The website Hollar, which is essentially an online dollar store, has digital downloads of several Disney movies on sale for $5 to $6.

“Frozen” is available for just $5


A digital download of any of these movies means it’s yours to keep forever. Once you pay for the download, you’ll receive an exclusive download code. When you redeem the code, you can download and stream the movie on all of your devices.

Download it to your iPad for vacation and to your laptop for at-home watching.

When the cost of renting a digital download is typically $3 or $4, you only have to watch the movie twice to make it worth it, especially if it’s one of your kids’ favorites!

Here are some of the titles available to download for cheap:

“Moana” — $6

“Finding Dory” — $6

“Alice Through The Looking Glass” — $6

Head over to Hollar to see the full list of digital downloads on sale. They also have a “$1 Shop” that’s worth poking around in, just for fun.


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