Delta to begin paying flight attendants during boarding

Flight attendant closes overhead bin

Delta Air Lines will start paying flight attendants during the time that passengers are boarding. That’s a first for a major U.S. airline.

Flight attendants in the U.S. generally don’t begin getting paid until the doors close after boarding.

Delta said on April 26 that the change will take effect in June, and it comes on top of pay raises for flight attendants.

The Association of Flight Attendants took credit for pushing Delta to make the changes.

“Today, let’s celebrate that our organizing is pushing management to do more than they would have without being challenged,” the union said in a statement. “And let’s double down on our campaign so we can secure a contract that locks in all of these benefits AND ensures we have a say in our pay, benefits and working conditions every day at Delta.”

Delta is facing another attempt by unions to organize its non-union flight attendants.

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