David’s Bridal is having a big sale on bridesmaid dresses

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‘Tis the season for love, weddings, happiness—and spending way more money than you thought you would for your friend’s nuptials. Everyone knows it costs a lot to throw a wedding, but when it comes to being in the wedding, the costs can add up just as quickly. From your dress, makeup and hair to the bridal shower, bachelorette party and travel expenses, it’s not cheap to stand by your bestie on her big day.

But if you’re in an upcoming wedding and fortunate enough to have a bride that lets you choose your own dress—or has one of these picked out—there’s a chance you’re about to save big time.


David’s Bridal is having a massive sale on bridesmaid dresses in a variety of styles and colors. Prices are as low as $29.99—and that includes dresses that used to be $160, giving you a savings of $130!

Not all dresses are marked that low, but many are. And with prices that low, you may want to check them out even if you’re not in the market for a bridesmaid dress. After all, they’d make pretty perfect party and prom dresses, too. But good luck picking just one!


Take a look at some of the gorgeous dresses included in the sale:

Chiffon And Charmeuse Dress With Rounded Neckline

While many sizes of this Chiffon and Charmeuse Dress are sold out, some are still available in some of the more offbeat colors, like canary, clover, cornflower, truffle and watermelon. Originally $149, you’ll only pay $29.99, a savings of $119.

David's Bridal

Crinkle Chiffon Dress With Cascade Detail

Originally $139, but now $29.99, this Crinkle Chiffon Dress comes in a ton of colors, including a variety of blues, light pink and even yellow and orange.

David's Bridal

Long Chiffon Dress With Front Cowl Neckline

This Long Chiffon Dress used to be $159, but it’s now just $29.99! The only colors still available are cherry, cornflower, coral reef, guava, oasis and regency, but that gives you two shades of blue, three shades of pink/red and one shade of purple.

David's Bridal

Long Strapless Chiffon Dress With Pleated Bodice

You’ll only be able to find the colors cornflower (blue) and punch (pink) in this Long Strapless Chiffon Dress, but you’ll be saving $130 if you can find one in your size! Originally $160, it’s now only $29.99.

David's Bridal

One Shoulder Chiffon Dress With Cascading Detail

This One Shoulder Chiffon Dress is absolutely gorgeous and now only $29.99. There are a variety of colors left, too, so you’ll likely find one you like! From beige-like colors, pinks, purples, blues and greens, it will fit into just about any wedding!

David's Bridal

Which dress do you like best?

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