People Are Super Frustrated With Cuisinart—Here’s Why


Owners of Cuisinart food processors are frustrated after the latest news about an important safety recall.

The company now says it could be six months before they can use their machine again because it’s taking them so long to ship customers replacement blades. Millions of Cuisinart food processors were recalled in December 2016 because the blades can crack and wind up in your food.

Mary Lasser loves cooking, and especially loves using her Cuisinart food processor. But late last year she had to tuck it away.

“Cuisinart had recalled the chopping blades because there were small pieces of metal that that were shredding off and into peoples foods,” she said.

3 months now and still no replacement blade for my food processor. And customer service had the nerve to address me as "Dear Valued Customer" in their last email to me. Cuisinart's customer service is a joke.

Posted by Nick Wilson on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The company recalled millions of blades, and told customers to stop using them until they send a replacement blade.

“The last thing you want is do is serve a guest in your house and have them slice open their mouth with something that you’ve fed them,” Lasser said.

But more than three months later, many owners—including Lasser—are still waiting for their new blade to arrive.

“It’s getting a little crazy, and I still don’t have use of the chopping blade, and I’d really like to use the Cuisinart again,” Lasser said.


So, how can it take so long to get a simple replacement part?

Cuisinart told Consumer Reports this blade is only made by one small factory, and there is a big backlog right now. The company says the “precise manufacturing process” means they can’t rush the new blades. That means some customers will have to wait six months for their new blade.

But Lasser is tired of waiting.

“Get me a replacement blade. I’d really like a new blade, and be able to use this,” she said.

Consumer Reports has one suggestion: Check with the store where you bought it. Some will let you return or exchange it, even if it is several years old.


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