Costco is not currently selling half sheet cakes

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Costco half-sheet cakes have been wildly popular for decades. It’s easy to see why, when you factor in the generous size, affordable price (under $20) and delicious taste of the bakery confections.

Sadly, though, the warehouse chain has announced it will cease selling the party-size rectangular cakes. In this recent Facebook post for 10-inch round cakes for graduation celebrations, Costco mentioned the decision.

“Please note: Half-sheet cakes are currently not available to order or customize,” they wrote.

Some customers speculate that this is due to current restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This makes sense since a half-sheet cake can feed as many as 54 people, while a round cake is better suited for smaller gatherings. The collective hope seems to be that the chain will bring the cakes back when larger get-togethers commence.

However, Costco told CNN Business that it has no immediate plans to bring the half-sheet cakes back to bakery shelves, noting that the 10-inch cakes seem to resonate with shoppers.

There are hundreds of comments and reactions on Costco’s recent cake-related posts and on Twitter. Some are taking the news in stride.

For instance, @ruthrebs tweeted, “Let’s be real, no one is gonna miss those Costco cakes except the people that gotta buy em.”

Others noted their approval of the smaller cakes.

“So glad they are offering a ‘normal’ size cake,” Janine Kzoo commented on Facebook.

Many, though, did not handle the news as happily.

“2020 doesn’t need anymore bad news,” tweeted @Cori_Corina99.

A common sentiment is that the half-sheet cakes just taste better, somehow. Even though round cakes are still an option, one Twitter user mourned the jumbo-sized dessert.

“If I knew the last Costco sheet cake I ate would be my last, I would have had an extra slice or five,” posted @karissuhh.

On Facebook, dozens of fans have begged Costco to bring the cakes back at some point in the future. One even started a petition.

“Bring back the amazing Costco half-sheet cakes! Birthdays and special occasions will never be the same,” the statement reads. “Pure perfection!”

Only time will tell whether the big, sweet treats return to store bakeries. Perhaps now would be a good time to try your hand at cake decorating.

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