Are You Missing Out On These Costco Travel Deals?

Costco Reports Quarterly Earning Up Almost 40 Percent
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Back in the day, if you wanted to get a great deal on a vacation or holiday excursion, you contacted a local travel agent. Those days are long gone. Now would-be explorers shop around on the countless discount travel websites to find the best vacation deals. However, if you have a Costco membership, you have easy access to fantastic travel deals that you might not find anywhere else.

Costco Travel deals are only available to Costco members. Those with Executive memberships are privy to even more perks, such as free food and drinks, room upgrades and spa credits. Costco’s vacation packages bundle travel options with accommodations and rental cars to bulk up the savings. The prices quoted even include taxes, so there are no big surprises when it is time to pay.

Be sure to read the fine print, as airfare is not included unless specifically noted in the package details. Add-ons, such as excursions from the vacation destination, meal packages and other options are available as well. Get your Costco card and your passport ready, and then go check out these five examples of the myriad types of vacation packages available.

1. Adult-Only Escapes

Perfect for a honeymoon or a much-needed getaway with your partner, vacation packages include cruises to China, romantic private islands and all-inclusive beachfront resorts.

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2. Budget Buys

Costco travel deals starting at less than $500 per person currently include a five-night cruise to the Bahamas, Universal Orlando packages and five nights on the beach in Hawaii, breakfast included.

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3. Luxurious Cruises

With a dozen cruise lines and even more destinations from which to choose, hit the high seas (or roll along a river) with seven nights starting at less than $550 per person.

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4. Exotic Journeys

Visit the far-away destination of your dreams without breaking the bank. Travel packages include cruises to the Galapagos Islands, Tahitian spa vacations and guided tours of Icelandic wonders.

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5. Family-Friendly Fun

You don’t have to leave the little ones at home to have an amazing, affordable holiday. Choose from multiple Disney destinations and cruises, Universal Orlando packages and even guided South African safari vacations for the entire family.

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