Costco roses: $50 for 50 roses for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day will be here before you know it!


In the blink of an eye, Valentine’s Day will be here.

Why not get out ahead of the holiday this year and pre-order some roses now for that special someone in your life?

Costco has a great deal on 50 stem roses right now—they’re priced at just $49.99. Even better? Shipping is free!

(Non-members can still get this deal, they’ll just pay a small 5-percent surcharge).

Costco Partners With Eco-Friendly Rose Farms

According to the Costco website, these roses are hand-picked from South American farms and they’re Rainforest Alliance certified.


“While we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality flowers, we are also socially responsible – protecting the environment and the farm employees in the process,” according to Costco.

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With your order, you’ll get two bunches of 25 stems wrapped in sleeves for protection—this order does not come with a vase.

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Plus, you can choose from two color combinations: red or red and white.

Order Early To Get Choice Of Delivery Date

You can order them online and choose from several delivery dates: Feb. 9, Feb. 13 or Feb. 14. You’ll need to place your order by midnight on Feb. 10 if you want them delivered in Valentine’s Day, however.

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You can also add a message to be delivered along with your roses at checkout!

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With the time you save by ordering early, you can think of an extra-special message to tuck into the flowers. You know, something else besides “Roses are red, violets are blue…”

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Of course, having 50 roses delivered to your valentine is a pretty big statement all on its own!

Beef Jerky Roses Instead?

If actual roses aren’t your thing, we have another idea for you: roses made from beef jerky.

Yep, you read that right!

For just $69, you can order a bouquet—or “broquet”— of 100 percent beef jerky roses!

“Handcrafted and made from over 1/2 lb. of 100% high-quality beef jerky, this bold bunch of flowers is guaranteed to please your nose and taste buds,” according to Say It With Beef, which makes the roses.

Say It With Beef

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