With this Costco membership deal, you can actually make $20


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If you have been considering getting a Costco membership, now is the perfect time to lock in those big-box discounts. From now until June 12, Groupon is offering an irresistible deal on a 1-year Costco Gold Star Membership.

Along with your Costco membership, your Groupon deal will get you a $40 Costco gift card, as well $40 off any online purchase that is $250 and up. The Groupon deal is $60, which is the advertised price of a Costco Gold Star membership per year. But since you will be receiving $80 in Costco gift cards and discounts, you will essentially be making $20 by signing up to be a Costco member — if you have a $250 online order to make. Talk about a great deal!


Ready to sign up? You can get the Groupon for the deal here.

Looking for other ways to save big at Costco?

Costco fans say it is important to learn how to read the secret messaging behind Costco’s pricing. For example, if an item has a price ending in $.97, that means it has been marked down and could be a good item to stock up on.

If an item ends in $0.49, $0.79 or $0.89, that is generally an item that is being sold at regular pricing and is not discounted.

If you see an item that ends in $.88, pay close attention: This pricing often means that the item has been reduced because it has been returned by a previous shopper but is still in fine condition.


And, if you see an asterisk in the upper right corner of a Costco price tag, this means that the item is on its way out and will not be reordered and restocked. So, whether you’re debating a set of solar patio lights or workout leggings, check the sign for an asterisk before you decide to come back another way. Because, if the asterisk is there, it likely means that when you come back again to purchase the item, it may be long gone.

Still wondering whether a Costco membership is for you? Check out this handy guide from Reader’s Digest that shares 12 situations in which a Costco card just isn’t worth it.

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