Here Are 16 Companies That Will Give You Coupons Just For Asking

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Has anyone else noticed that the high-value coupons that were once plentiful in your local Sunday paper have seemed to dwindle? Sure, there are weeks when the coupons are better than others, but their value has definitely been on the decline.

So what’s a savvy shopper to do? Turn to the manufacturers of your favorite brands! If you contact some of your favorite brands directly, they’ll often send you high-value coupons with long expiration dates.

This tactic doesn’t apply to every company, but the ones that have been said to do this are listed below.

But a note first. When reaching out, it’s important that you keep your brief note positive. When you contact the company, give feedback on their stuff, share your personal experience with their brand or mention how much you enjoy using their some of their products. It’s not always guaranteed that you’ll receive coupons in return, but many couponers are saying the odds are in your favor.

If you sign up for all of the companies listed above, you’ll definitely have something to look forward to when the mailman comes.

A final note. While having coupons mailed to you is great, it’s certainly not the most efficient way to save money. Thankfully, there are also plenty of other companies and brands that allow you to download and print coupons on the spot. Here are six of them get you started.

It’s just a matter of taking a few minutes out of your day to reach out to them. Here are 16 worth checking out:

1. SC Johnson

According to The Penny Hoarder, SC Johnson is the clear champion when it comes to companies that’ll send you coupons. They mailed 17 $1 off coupons for products they make, such as Drano, Glade, Scrubbing Bubbles and Pledge. If you’re not familiar with SC Johnson, they create a wide variety of cleaning products, air care products and pest control products.

2. Unilever

It’s a name you might not be too familiar with, but they’re the creators of some of the biggest brands in the world, who produce a range of products from cleaning and personal care products to water purifiers to home care to food and drink products.  You can contact them here to request your coupons.

3. 9Lives

If you have a cat or a dog, you’re in luck. The 9Lives website even states that they’ll provide you with valuable coupons just for signing up. They’ll also ask you what type of pet you have, the breed of your cat or dog and what offers you’d like to receive.

4. White House Foods

If you’re in the market for applesauce, apple cider vinegar or apple butter, then you’ll want to head over to the White House Foods website, where they state that if you sign up, they’ll be sure to send you coupons in return.

5. Blue Diamond

According to The Penny Hoarder, if you reach out to Blue Diamond, they’ll likely send you a handful of $1 off coupons for their various cracker and almond products.

6. Angel Soft

Who couldn’t use coupons for toilet paper? By emailing the company through their contact page, you should get some money-saving coupons in return.

7. Chiquita

You can even score some coupons in the mail for fruit, which is something you’re likely to never find in the newspaper. All you have to do is contact them through their website. Tip Hero reported that the company will send you money-saving coupons just for asking.

8. Glad

From food storage to trash bags and plastic wrap, Tip Hero reports that if you contact Glad through their website, they’ll send coupons in return.

9. Tyson

By reaching out to Tyson on their contact page, they’ll send you some money-saving offers on some of their most popular chicken products.

10. Fresh Express

The website Living Rich With Coupons says that if you reach out to the salad makers, you’ll likely be mailed coupons for taking the time to provide them with feedback.

11.  Ferrara Candy Company

Ferrara is most often associated with the brand name Branch’s. By sending them a quick note, they’ll likely mail you coupons for your time.

12.  Kellogg’s

By signing up on the Kellogg’s website, they should not only send you emails with money-saving offers, but also mail you a few coupons from time to time.

13. Schick

Sign up on the website for offers on razors for both men and women, along with shaving cream. The Penny Hoarder reported that they received three $2 off coupons for any of the company’s razors.

14. Bird’s Eye

Sign up and leave a comment on the Birds Eye website and you’ll likely get some money saving coupons shipped to your mailbox.

15. Aleve

Also the makers of Bayer, this brand of popular pain relievers will send you a coupon or two when you fill out a short form on their website. There’s even a drop-down box on the form where you can choose to “Get a coupon.”

16. Clorox

The name might be associated with bleach, but the company also has quite a selection of cleaners, and will also send coupons for Viva paper towels. Couponers United wrote that by filling out the form on the Clorox website, you’re likely to receive some offers in the mail.


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